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Meet the "Rock" groups No 18, Studio just for them

FINDING a hall or room in which to practise and store, several hundreds of pounds' worth of equipment, and where neighbours will not complain of "that terrible noise" is usually a rock group's biggest problem.
Not only has a Hayling Island group overcome all these factors, but it's members have had a studio built to thelr own plans on South Hayling sea front.
This lucky group, the Tremors, consisting of three instrumentalists and a singer have room with an abundance of electric point for guitars and amplifiers, and at fibre ceiling to pacify the neighbours.
It was the father of Ron Rapley, the group's lead guitarist, who was responsible for the building of the studio. Bad who lives at White Cottage Staunton, Avenue, Hayling, appears to have had a somewhat "tempestuous" rock career, having graduated from Ronnie and the Whirlwinds to leader of the Tremors.
Skiffle group
An apprentice carpente, Ron formed a skittle group two years ago and which played at his own school - Warblington Secondary Modern socials and dances.
Through his father's business, Ron met drummer Mike Perkins (16) who had, recently moved to Pinn Cottage, St Thomas's Avenue, Hayling, from Pinner, (Middlesex).
A touch of the old Country Western style creeps into the group's numbers from time to time for their bass guitarist. 18year-old art student Chris Cody who lives at Firfieid, Church Road, Rowledge, Surrey, and until recently at Rowlands Castle, is a Canadian, and has always specialized in this slower, more detailed style of playing.
Singer Dereck Boniface joined at a time when the Tremors were purely an instrumental group. Dereck, who lives at 5, Kings Road, Hayling, has little respite at a concert as the group have now switched to a preference for vocal numbers, interspersed with very fast rock.
Barbecues, too " Travelling to concerts at Titchfield Gosport. Havant, and even Crawley, the group sometimes hires a lorry, and pile ten of their fans on to a tarpaulin on the back. They also know the discomfort of playing at midnight beach barbecues, where its sand gets into the musical instruments, there are no points for switching in amplifiers, and there is such a noise generally that you are lucky if you are heard at all."
Also in the country Western style is the group's uniform-dark brown suede on white gold check jackets with sued buttons, cream silk trousers, cream silk shirts, and yellow ties.
In contrast singer Chris weans a white shirt, "Maverick" tie, black trousers and black shoes.


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