Portsmouth music scene

The Travellers

No ? Here's one that got away after the series ended, dated 13th July 1962.

SOCIAL evenings at St Nicholas Church Youth Club, North End, -were, often marred by a record player that had a persistent inclination to break down.
So round abut last Christmas five of the members, there are about 30, decided to take matters into their own hands by forming a rock'n'roll group. The only snags none of the group could play a musical instrument, the expense, and the lack of time due to the demand of school work. Never the less, by working in school holidays, at such jobs car potato packing at Hayling Island, working in shops and for decorating firms, the first instruments could be bought.
Although two of the four instrumentalists to be could not read music, they soon learned with some help from their colleagues.
St Nicholas Church Hall was lent for practice sessions once a week, and in this way the Travellers "rock" group was formed.
Now meet these five enterprising teenagers who are studying for their G C.E. examinations. Leader Victor Humphrey (17), lives at 402, London Road, North End, and is a pupil at St John's Collage. He plays rhythm guitar. At present he is studying for "A" level, and hopes to become a pharmacist.
Lead guitarist Dave Young (16), of 20, Kinross Crescent. Cosham, like the rest of the group, is a pupil at Portsmouth Technical High School.
Coach trip
The group's bass guitarist is 16-year-aid Trevor Burnop, of 37, Monckton Road, Copnor, and drummer is Graham Riche (16) of 14, Battenburg Avenue, North End, who was obliged to do his early practising on an old plastic drum.
A school coach trip to a London science museum resulted in the "discovery" of singer Christopher Jeffery (16), of 1, Fitzwigram Crescent, Havant.
After a couple of solos on the way home, we knew we would not have to continue in our search for a Vocalist, the group explained. To help with the "office" work the group have the services of Christopher's twin sister Janet.
The group was first christened the Tarantulas, but "as the name was greeted either -With a blank stare, or else a frightened 'grimace, we changed to the Travellers which encourages a 'where are you going?, type of remark," said 'Victor.
Where they are going rock-wise, is Portchester and Havant, soon, in addition, of course, to their social night's entertainment the youth clubs. Beat and ballads are the groups current top favourites and Victor, incidentally has written a ballad" Falling in Love," that is already being hummed in a number of local teenage quarters.


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