Portsmouth music scene

The Stormriders

Meet the "Rock" groups No 3, Stormriders heading for the crest of the wave

BILLY STORM and the Stormriders are a Portsmouth rock 'n' roll group that has only been in existence for five months.
In those five months, however, the group has made a great deal of progress and their leader Stormriders have achieved popularity quicker than any other group in Portsmouth in the short space of time they have been going.
Billy, who is 17, is the group's vocalist. His real name is Bertram Parker, but he said he preferred to be known as Billy Storm. He works as an assistant in a butcher's shop and lives at 17, Rochester Road, Southsea.
There are four instrumentalists in the group three guitarists and a drummer.
Rhythm guitarist is a 17 year apprentice plumber, George East, of 34, St Edwards Road, Southsea, lead guitarist is an apprentice-shipwright in Portsmouth Dockyard, Barry Roberts (17), of 20, Ward Road, Eastney, and bass guitarist is Terry Bragg (16), of 27, Mafeking Road, Southsea, an apprentice engine fitter in the Dockyard. On drums is Percy Hall (17), of 76, Middlesex Road, Milton, who is an apprentice electrical fitter, also in the Dockyard.
Billy explained that before the group was officially formed five months ago, there had been an earlier attempt to form a group by two of the group's present members and himself.
That was a flop. A few days later we met George and Percy and we all decided to join up and see if we could make a group. Everything was a success from then onwards and we have been together ever since.
Red suit
" We all had some experience of playing rock 'n' roll music, either by ourselves or in groups, before we joined together," he said.
Billy wears a bright red suit and the rest of the Stormriders wear mauve suits, all of which were hand tailored.
The group has its own instruments which include drums, three guitars, amplifiers, and a microphone.
Billy stressed that the Stormriders played because' they were - really interested in rock 'n' roll music and "we enjoy playing whenever we have the chance." Terry is the member of the group who decides what numbers they shall practice and play and he said that so far the group had not arranged any of its own numbers but ' we do give out own arrangements of many songs."


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