Portsmouth music scene

The Rivals

No 2 of a series featuring the "Rock" groups, Meet "The Rivals" - All aiming for success

ONE of Portsmouth's younger rock 'n'roll groups is The Rivals formed less than a year ago by a I7-year-old- shop assistant Rodney Watts, of 20 , Wisborough Road, Southsea.
Since its formation the group has had a large change round in membership but it is now -a five-man team, four instrumentalists and a vocalist who are really determined to make a go of it. Rodney who, has been with the group all the time, plays lead-guitar. his brother-in -law, Frederick Wildsmith (23) at 6, Forest Road, Denmead, is bass guitar. He works on his father's pig farm. Eighteen-year-old, Tony Alton, of 36, Hampshire Street, Buckland also a shop assistant is the rhythm guitarist. On drums is Roy Wells (24), of is also a shop-assistant. The vocalist is Ricky Rickwood (18), of 149, Walmer Road, Fratton, who works at a dairy. Ricky found that "Rickwood" was too much of a mouthful over the micophone so he has a stage name Ricky Dene.
None of the group, except the drummer, had any experience of playing rock 'W roll. music when they decided to join The Rivals. Rodney, who acts as the Group's manager, said the could read just enough music to get by, ties. but we do not really need it, for we get all our new numbers straight from the latest dlscs.
The Rivals do not have a set uniform but when ever they appear they always wear black trousers, white shirts, and red ties.
During the short space of time the group has been going they have arranged a few rock n' roll numbers of their own. including their own signature tune.
Practice is one thing The Rivals take very seriously and they try to spend at least two nights a week hard at work.


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