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The Resonetts

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THE first prize at a Bishop's Waltham youth club talent contest last year went to a local singer, second prize to a dance band group. Winner and runners-up decided to join forces. The result the Resonettes rock 'n' roll group.
Initially responsible for bringing members of the dance band together was Bishop's Waltham musical Mr. W. Woody, who can play almost any musical: instrument you care to mention.
Four members of the group learned to play through his guidance, and,, at his suggestion formed a group.
The singer who helped transform, the group's style of playing about 60 per cent of their numbers are now vocals-was 16-year-old Wayman Barney (" Pru " to hi fans), an apprentice fitter turner, of New Town, Bishop's Waltam.
A school friend of his, 16-year- old office clerk Godfrey Pollard, who lives at Albany Road, Bishop's Waltham, used to play the guitar in a skiffle group at Bishop's Waltham County Mixed school, and then decided to join the Resonettes as drummer.
Accorddion, too
Group leader is Ken Trivett (23), a carpenter, of Houchin Street, Bishop's Waltham, who plays bass guitar and the accordion 'when requested.
We try to be a utility group so that we can play a waltz, fox trot, old time dance and so on at a minute's notice and the accordion gives our numbers an individuality, explained Ken.
' Fourth ' member of this six-man group is 22 ear-old Dave Glasspool a panel beater, of Bank Street, Bishop's Waltham. Dave is the group's pianist.
"We use the piano to provide some basic rhythm for our numbers, which we try to tone down, because e feel that people at 'dances do want to be able to hear one other speak." The two other guitarists are 25-year-old Ray Shawyer, a market gardener, of Twyhams Hill. Shirrell Heath; and Bill bowling (19), of New Town, Bishop's Waltham.
To date, the Resonettes - they wear royal blue blazer, pale blade ties and handkerchiefs, white shirts, and black trousers and shoes, and singer "Pru " wears a check suit-have played at Fareham, Gosport, n the Portsmouth area and, oil course, Bishop's Waltham.


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