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Meet the "Rock" groups No 4, Renegades have many letters to write.

WHEN the four membersof the Renegades rock'n' roll group are not either playing or practising they are hard at work writing letters.
For, between them, these four rock n' rollers receive nearly 40 letters a week from their many fans, some of whom live on the Continent. They are mostly from girt was in September of last year that the Renegades, were first thought Mark Tuddenham, 16-year-old schoolboy, 71, Wadham Road. North End.
He was a member of Hillside Youth Club, Paulsgrove, and used to play his friends. Mark later some decided to form a group with four of his friends, and they adopted the name, the Renegades.
At first the Renegades just played to amuse themselves, but they soon decided to take it up seriously.
Since their early days the group has changed slightly in membership. :Its present formation is three -guitarists and a drummer. Mark, now 17, plays lead guitar. He left school only at the end of October and is now a junior design draughtsman.
Bass guitarist, is Colin Woods- (l9), of 46, Lower Derby Road. Stamshaw. He left -school last August and is now an apprentice motor- body painter. Donald Goldring, a 17-gear-old apprentice carpenter, of 18, Washbrook . Read, Paulsgrove, plays the rhythm guitar.
On, drums is Tony Dawes (22), of 64, Blackfriars Road. Southsea. He has just' finished his apprenticeship and is now an electrical fitter. Southsea. and is now an electrical fitter.
The Renegades used to have their own vocalist, but he left and they now prefer not to have one However, they do not restrict themselves to instrumen- tal numbers, because Mark and Donald both sing. Sometimes, they even sing together.
In one repect the Renegades are really lucky because Mark's father. Mr. Leslie Tuddenham, an electro-plater at Portsmouth Dockyard, took an interest in the group right from she start.
He is now the group's manager and he also takes them wherever they have to go in a mini-bus he bought specially for the purpose.
" I used to take them in my car but we to get this mini-bus which makes travelling much easier," he said.
The Renegades can all read music. Mark composes many of the group's numbers and rearranges classical tunes in a rock n' roll style.
Last summer the Renegades went on a six-week tour of Europe playing at American bases in France. Germany, Luxembourg. Belgium, and Holland.
Donald and Tony both had to get time off from work, but Mark and Colin were on holiday from school.
The Renegades wear blue and black striped blazers, grey trousers, white shirts, and red bow ties.
Only Tony, the drummer, had any previous experience of playing. The others have all learned to play since last year. Mark had piano lessons before he took up the guitar.
The Renegades Signature tune is one of Mark's own arrange-ment. Their equipment, which includes guitars, drums, amplifiers and microphones, is worth nearly 1,000.

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Renegades 1960 Mark Tuddenham, Colin Woods, Tony Daws, Don Golding

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