Portsmouth music scene

The Ramblers

Meet the "Rock" groups No 20, Rambled into the world of "pop"

Four Chichester High School boys have recently rambled into the world of pop music.
No marks for guessing the name of these four "rock" enthusiasts who style themselves "Selsey's only rock group."
For it was in Selsey that the Ramblers had their first engagement at the Church Hall this March.
In addition, the group's lead guitarist, Alan Scranton (15), lives at 27, North End Road, Selsey
Converted hut
Finding a suitable rehearsal rooms gives the Ramblers no headaches, for they have converted a hut on the smallholding of the father of the group's bass guitarist Dave Harris (16) who lives at 66, Street, Sidlesham, into a comfortably furnished room.
The group, which was formed last July, spends an average of six hours a week practising.
Both drummer Terry Robinson, who is 16, and I5-year-old singer Bob Knighton live at Chichester. Terry's home is at 23. Graydon Avenue, and Bob's is at 43, Birdham Road.
The Ramblers have now in their repertoire about ten vocals and 35 instrumental numbers in which singer Bob plays the rhythm guitar.
Until they are earning their living, they have to forego a " stage wardrobe."
Any thoughts of turning pro-fessional? "No," they all agreed " too precarious," but they hoped the Ramblers would be around for at least another three years.


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