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The Paramounts


Meet the "Rock" groups No 6, Studio just for them

The Vocalists are Brothers.
The vocalists for a Gosport rock'n'roll group are two harmony sing brothers Gary and Lee. Formed more than a year ago, the Paramounts have three instrumentalists - two guitars and a drummer. Gary and Lee(whose real names are Derek and Alan Knight) have been singing for only seven months, and joined the Paramounts six months ago.
The instrumentalists all work in the Royal Naval Aircraft Yard at Fleetlands and have been playing in rock'n'roll groups for a number of years. Leader of the group is Trevor Williamson (20), of 17 San Diego Road Gosport who is the drummer. He is an aircraft electrical fitter apprentice.
John Randall of 1, Clifton Street, Gosport, has a job similar to Trevor's, and is the group's bass guitarist. Lead guitar is played by Dave Loney (21), an aircraft and engine fitter, of 19 Lavinia Road Gosport. He has been married for four months. One of the things the Paramounts pride themselves in is that they can all play the instruments the others use. Gary (19), and Lee (17), who live at 76, Gosport Road Lee on the Solent, can also play guitars.
Trevor said he was a guitar player before being a drummer, but took over the drums when the drummer in another group he was in left.
Gary and Lee who always sing together, work in the stock room of a large retail store. They arrange their own harmony for many of their songs and spend a great deal of time practicing - even when walking down the street together, they said. Red suits, white shoes and shirts and black bow ties are worn by the instrumentalists. Gary and Lee wear blue suits.
Much of the Paramounts work is composed and arranged by them. They have about 800 worth of equip-ment.

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