Portsmouth music scene

The Limelites

Meet the "Rock" groups No 19, "Any old iron" the the drums

ANY old iron files hammers, screwdrivers, make ideal substitutes, for drums, apparently.
So Impressed - or could it have been Infuriate was the workmate, of an engine litter apprentice, that inquiries were made as to his potential talents as drummer for a local "rock" group.
Although 19 - year - old Ricky Semark had never, in-fact, extended ,his tinkerings in the direction of a pair of drums, he accepted the offer to join the Limelites, a three guitarists group from Denmead.
That was t the beginning of January, land' since then Ricky has made the hour's bus journey almost every night from his home at G9, Yorke i Street. Soil sea, to Denmead, where the group practises in a converted workshop.
In choir
Ricky, like his fellow guitarists was at one time a member of his school choir, and played the recorder.
Although it is only comparatively recently hat the group have really come, literally into the limelight, the three guitarists joined forces some 18 months ago.
Each decided to visit the Memorial Hall, Denmead, one evening when a talent contest was being, held. As no " talent " came forward, they fetched their village cobbler on the mouth guitars and, supported by the organ entertained the audience for the rest of the evening.
"Music" is almost a password in the home of rhythm guitarist John Elkington (17), who lives at 3, Woodlands Cottages, Bunkers Hill, Denmead.
HIS father, Mr. Cyril Elkington, played the banjo mandolin in a hand group during his service in the Merchant Navy and his sister, Linda Kirby, a singer on the Continent used to be with the Johnny Dankworth Band.
Linda, incidentally, is married to Rudy FrankeI, who is usually considered BeIgium's top drummer.
Violin first
It was at Cowplain Secondary Modern School that l8-year-old Barrie Sparham, an engine fitter apprentice, who lives at Caversham, School Lane, Denmead, learned to play the violin, and then graduated to being the Limelites' lead guitarist.
Bass Guiarist is Nigel Kennett (17) , an apprentice engineer, of Thatch Cottage. Bunker's Hill. Denmead.
It was Nigel's sister Shirley, who made the group's lime green satin shirts, with their pink shoulder tab and individual initials on the pockets, and which are worn with slack trousers and shoes. Furthermore. she is "responsible" for washing, ironing, and mending this uniform.
Since the days of the talent contest, the group has progressed to playing at the local youth club once a week and other social functions and dances in and around Denmead which surely proves that practice-usually three hours most nights a week - will eventually make perfect.


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