Portsmouth music scene

The Jaguars

Meet the "Rock" groups No 11, Havant rivals who have joined forces

UNTIL three months ago, two rival rock group in Havant vied with each ether for the top engagements, the best halls and all that jazz.
Then when each group broke up, two ' enthusiasts from each side changed their tune and their, allegiance.
The result ... the Jaguars four-man group with a large following around and about Havant. But to be " with it" you've got to eat, and each of these lads realizes that although he will be working for the next 50 years or so the rock craze is liable to peter out before pension time. So it's study before music for leader David Guest and his boys.
David (21), who is a draughtsman, of 2, Castle Avenue, Havant, has been splaying the guitar for six years now, and as with many other rock enthusiasts, it was the era of skiffle that induced him to buy his first guitar.
The group's lead guitarist, Jim Watts was initiated into the rock world whit he was working for his God Medal under the; Duke of Edin-burgh's Award scheme.
Jim 68), who lives at 5, Orchard Road, Havant, is a motor engineer apprentice. Drummer Mick Lloyd (19), of 15,, Springfield Close, Bedhampton, is an engineer apprentice. The fourth member of the group, is 19-year-old Mike Eadie, a junior draughtsman, of 30 Kings Road, Hayling . Girl friends and a group don't go together, they agreed rather reluctantly, and David added that buying more than 400 worth of equipment had also meant sacrificing dreams of large fast cars and motor-cycles.
With "versatility" as its aim, the group claims it will tackle anything- even classical music. Top choice is the instrumental number, the fast pop with a good beat.
But they also play folk guitar numbers, and their particular ' hobby' is the country and western style. Their choice of uniform-dark suits, grey'n'white striped shirts, grey ties and black shoes - sounds more in , keeping with the office. But the Jaguars prefer to play, at large dances rather than smaller clubs, and a more sombre form of dress is in keeping, they , find.
As in so many organizations, the group's chief problem is ... lack of' staff. At least, it, will be in March when guitarist Mike Eadie leaves to go and work in Coventry. Although he hopes to come down some week-ends "to keep an eye", on them all," a replacement has still to be found.


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