Portsmouth music scene

The Hustlers

Meet the "Rock" groups No 23, They Hustled on the road to success

FOUR years ago a group of teenager with a love for modern music congregated at Chichester Boys' Club and decided to form their own rock'n'roll group.
Today they are well established in Chichester as The Hustlers -popular performers at local dances and have a large fan club.
Group manager is Jim Smith, an 18-year-old televisionion engineer, who is also The Hustler' s drummer. He has put in a lot of hard workbuilding up thje group's equipnment, and doing all the repairs.v Lead guitarist is Roger Heald apprentice electrician of Walnut Avenue, and rhythm guitarist is Don Wright (22) a cost clerks, also of Walnut Avenue.
Third guitarist in the group is the "old man" 26 year-old John Brinsmead a newcomer to the Hustlers. He lives in Hambrook.
Stealing a lot' of the glamour from the instrumentalists are two vocalist who give their own strictly interpretations of pop numbers.
One is Leroy Thwaites (19) a book keeper of Hannah Square, and the otherJohn Reed, (17) an apprentice printer of Ormonde Avenue.
The Hustlers have several numbers of their own and delight in bringing back old and forgotten numbers, but they generally stick closely to modern trends. At the moment they are twisting furiously in order to keep up with the latest demands.
The group has a striking regalia. The intrumentalists in eau de nil jackets and red ties, and the vocalustrs in sharply contrasting outfits.
John wears a blue jacket, with black edging, and Leroy a flame red jacket.
The groups fame has spread far beyond the Chichester area, and for the past three years they have appeared at Brighton, during the big annual concert in aid of the National Association of Boys Clubs.


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