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Meet the "Rock" groups No 15 For-Tunes decided "Show must go on"

WHEN a young Gosport guitarist was killed in motor-cycle crash back year his rock'n'roll group decided " The show must go on."
The group, named the For-Tunes, managed to find within a fortnight a replacement so that they could honour a dance engagement.
"But it was no fun, 'knowing that a mate of yours had just just been killed," said the group's lead guitarist, 16-year-old Ron Hughes, an electrical engineer apprentice, of 27, Jubilee Avenue. PauIsgove.
It was actually Ron and his 14-year -old brother Ken, who is a pupil at the Northern Grammar School who were responsible for the group's formation. Drummer Ken managed to buy a drum kit for 7 10s. and used it to join Ron on the guitar "just for kicks," as the two brothers put it.
Next to join was 19-year-old bass player, Dave Cawte, a mechanical engineer apprentice of 33, Riverside Avenue, Fareham.
Two Singers
Vocal numbers are by no means a sideline with the For-Tunes and to prove it, they have two singers.
There is Tony Wyell (18)--or , Paul Spooner, to give him his real- name - of 122, Turner Avenue Rowner, Gosport.
And adding a spark of colour and life to practices and performances is attractive Josie Franklyn-real name Veronica Lake- a 14-year-old pupil at Paulsgrove Secondary School, and who lives at 81, Chedworth Avenue, Paulsgrove.
Endless teasing from her four fellow " rockers " does not appear to perturb Josie in the least. She was, in fact, a ForTunes fan when she was " discovered," as they say in the world of show business.
She keeps mainly to the country and Western style of singing.
For instrumental numbers, the group prefers pops, which are usually re-arranged by one or more of the members, who, incidentally sport black trousers and shoes, white shirts with black lace edging and black " gambler" bow ties.
To save money all the guitars and the bass cabinet were designed and made by themselves-not bad going for a group which has been at full-strength for only the past three months.

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