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The Federals

Meet the "Rock" groups No 13 Leader is such a busy man.

BEING a Petty Officer, husband and father, to a month-old baby would be as much as most people could cope with.
Add to this a two hour weekly rock practice, regular concerts over a wide area and song and instumental writlng thrown in for good measure, and you have the I busy life of I Bill Butler, a 21-year-old Petty Officer stationed at H M S, Collingwood.
For Bill , who lives with his wife Ann and baby daughter Jacqueline at 23 Brighton Avenue, Gosport, is leader of the Federals.
The key to the story of this group lies in its name. Bill's own story almost echoes those of he other three members.
When he joined the Navy at Plymoulh at the age of 15, he attended a private school to study classical guitar music.
"At the time I almost dlsliked modern music , and certainly had no intention of either joining or forming a group," he said.
However, he later changed his mind and joined a folk group the Kingfishers.
From then on, he played in a series of dance bands, cabaret., skiffle, and a vocal quartet, the' Maritones, which, he, himself formed, and which gave concerts in Southern Scotland and even in Lisbon.
Bill, was a member of the Four Skiff as well a the Jokers, one of the first groups in Gosport who were often called upon by the Navy to variety shows.
Needed drummer
It was when he went to live in Gosport and was a member of the Sables group, that Bill met drummer Mikki Allen (22), a motor mechanic of 62, Keyes Road. Bridgemary.
" We were suddenly in need of a drummer for a concert, and I knew that Mikki had been a member of many other groups, so we invited him along," said Bill.
Rhythm guitarist Dave Beames (20), a painter and decorater, of 19, Birchen Road, Park Gate. has won a number of talent contests as a vocalist.
Fourth member of the group is bass pIayer Brian Bicknell (20), a joiner, of 45, Thorni Avenue, Hillpark Estate, Fareham, who also plays the violin and cello.
Lilac suits
The group whose members wear lilac, suits, black ties, and black shoes. prefer the Country and western style for vocal numbers, although they are mainly an intrumental group laying special emphasis on modern jazz.
'Since the present group was formed last May it has played at Winchester, Salisbury, Southampton and Durrington near Stonehenge. Bill has recently written and recorded a song, which he has dedicated to his Wife. Perhaps one day it will bring him and his group an even wider public recognition.


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