Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

The Escorts

Meet tghe "Rock" groups No 10, They made their own music

If home-made cakes are better than bought cakes, why- not home made musical instruments in preference as bought ones ?
So argued six rock'n'roll enthusiasts from Cosham, Purbrook, and Waterlooville, who decided to substitute a week's carpentry and hard work for a debt of more than 700.
For this is the sum the Escorts, a two guitars, drummer, electric organ, one singer rock group, would have had to pay for their carefully selected musical instruments.
Instead, explained leader Bill Leftly (18), a contractor, of 13, Hilltop, Crescent, Cosham, the group built a cabinet for its electric organ. Saved more than 100 by constructing its own amplifier. and devised its own microphone system.
" Inspiration " behind this enterprising venture was former carpenter and joiner Tony Pollard, or Tony Favor (to use his professional name), who is 19, and lives at 44, Serpentine Road, Purbrook Tony, now a factory worker, is the ' group's ' singer, and he recalled how he was "discovered" when the group was playing one evening in a Purbrook cafe. Bass guitarist is Cyril Boniface (20), a bricklayer, of 14, Sandy Brew, Purbrook.
Probably the only rock electric organist in the Portsmouth area is 22-year-old Bob 'Stokes, of 56 Stakes Hill Road, Waterlooville, who between times joins Bill and Cyril on the guitar.
Drummer Robbie Linton (19), is a television engineer. Who lives at 173, The Dell, Purbrook.
From a snare drum and one symbol he has graduated to a glittering set of " gold sparkle " drums.
Although Tony personally favours the Shadows' style of playing, the group moulds itself on Johnny and the Hurricanes.
"Beat ballads are on the way out. We prefer the real solid rock," the group, formally called the Jaguars, explained.
The popularity of the Twist is increasing rapidly in the Portsmouth area, and the Escorts, at a party in Gosport, were astonished to find small children showing up their more conservative elders as they demonstrated their Twisting prowess. " Teenage Twist " is the title of a musical arrangement by the Escorts who all read music, incidentally and this instrumental number has already proved popular among the group's fans who come from as far afield as Poole, Weymouth. Littlehampton, Crawley end Farnham.
Someone who is constantly experimenting with different sounds is the group's saxophone player,19-year-old Barry McCormack, an analytical chemist, of 220, The Dale, Wdley.
Even at the age of five, Barry took a keen interest in music; now anything from modern jazz to rock is likely to resultfrom a composing spell.
The question of costumes is still ponding on with a temporary uniformof blue coats trousers, red ties and white shoes, and an all-red outfit for singer Tony.
Startling and unusal must describe the colours and style of their final choice so perhaps Bob's suggestion of gold lame mlght fit both those requirments.


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