Portsmouth music scene

The Crusaders

Meet the "Rock" groups No 21, Even a "Square" knows them

A ROCK'N'ROLL enthusiast could be forgiven for not recognizing every group in the Portsmouth area, either by sight or sound.
Ones group that even a "square" cannot mistake is the Crusaders,for the members have designed their own badge-it is based on the MaItese Cross - which appears on, their amplifiers, and as pocket badges on their blazers.
A second feature which helps distinguish the Crusaders is their singer-petite, arractive, 30 year-old Joan Lyons who joined the group only a week ago.
Joan, a typist, of 55, Colwell Road, Cosham, has sung with two' other local groups, and has a wide variety of rock numbers in her repertoire. When three rock musicians wanted to form a new group of their own six months ago they were short of a bass guitarist and a vocaliist.
They found them in the Roche brothers a 24-year-old Admiral staff car driver in Portsmouth became the guitarist and 20-year-old Michael became the singer.
This was how the Crusaders, an off-shoot of the Cresendos was formed, although Michael has now left the group.
The three founder members are lead guitarist, Trevor Dawson (19), of 9, Station Road Drayton, who is a student electrical apprentice at Portsmouth Dockyard, rhythm guitarist is Officer Cadet Peter Jay (23), of 4A, Sussex Road Southsea, and drummer, Brian Bicknell (19), of 57, Drayton Lane, Cosham who ius a mechanical engineer.
Two fans the group can always rely on are Richard's wife, who organizes all the correspondence, and his beby son, who live at Copnor.
The Crusaders have receently changed their grey trousers and white ties for silver-grey slacks. Maverick bows and white brogue shoes.
Between them, the group - their first number, is always their signature tune "Gonzales" have 650 worth of equipment, including drums, three guitars, echo chambers, amplifiers and microphones.


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