Portsmouth music scene

The Confidentials

Meet the "Rock" groups No 14, Swimmers brother is on the road to fame

AMOS is a well known name in Portsmouth. Eveyone talks of champion swimmer, young Linda Amos. Now a second number of this talented family, her 18-year-old brother, John , is hoping to make a name, for himself-not as a swimmer, but as a guitarist.
For just two weeks ago John, junior clerk and lives at 1, Bowler Court, Copnor, joined a Portsmouth rock 'n' roll group the Confidentials, and he is determined to practice and play, hard in every spare minute. Although John is a newcomer this group, comprising four instruments and one singer, the Confidentials were actually formed about Six months ago in a church hall.
The guitarist and drummer were members of St Mary's Church Club, Kingston, and from incidental entertaining on the piano, it was decided to buy a couple of guitars and entertain club members on a grander scale at social evenings.
Leader of the now-established Confdentials is 17 - year old Martyn Neale, a surgical appliance maker, of 66, Dover Road, Copnor. Martyn is aided and abetted on the lead guitar by Chris Farrow (19), an engine fitter apprentice, Of 4, St, John's Road, Bedhampton.
At school
Chris actually played the violin at school, and when the skiffle craze first caught on, he transferred his musical affections to the guitar, even paying for private lesson.
The group drummer is 17 year -old Ron Coward, a carpenter apprentice, of 78, Ernest Road Buckland.
It was while he was serving in he Royal Air Force that 19 year-old Roger Courtnell - or Clint Courtell, to give him his stage name-first started singing with rock groups. "I played the piano at one stage. Then I found I enjoyed singing, and in the hope that other people would perhaps also enjoy my singing, I joined a R.A.F. skiffle group, and we entertained in NAAFI canteens, said Roger, who lives at 22, Nelson Road Southsea.
Lots of " twist "
The Cronfidentials, who confine their performances to local youth clubs and dance halls, practise three or four hours, two nights a week.
They try to vary their programmers, with a selection of instrumentals, a lot of Twist, a little modern jazz, and, of course. Roger's vocal numbers.
Their gay uniform consists of an Acker Bilk type waistcoat" We don't like jackets, they ride up "-which is black - sleeved, red tie and grey trousers, singer Roger usually wears a black and white lumber jacket, leopard skin shirt and dark trousers.
However, at the smaller, more sophisticated dance, he dresses suitably in a conventional dark suit and white shirt.


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