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The Cadillacs

No 1 of a series featuring the "Rock" groups, Meet "The Cadillacs" - for youngsters who like modern music,

'Yard apprentices preferred 'rock' to 'bikes'

THREE years ago four Portsmouth Dockyard apprentices found they preferred playing rock'n'roll music to riding motor-cycles and invested their spare money in musical instruments.
They also formed themselves' into a rock 'n' roll group and called it the Cadillacs.
This was the start- of what today is one of Portsmouth's popular rock 'n' roll groups.- The The Cadillacs at first, as with their contemporaries, copied' the songs and styles of the famous professional singers, and groups.
To-day, however, they feel they are not just copies, but a group with a personality of its own.
In addition to just providing music that can be danced to, the Cadillacs like to enter- tain their audience and give them something w o r t h looking at.
Their founder and manager is Patrick Green, a 20-year-old apprentice, of 52, Renny Road, Fratton, who is one of the group's three guitarists. He is married and has a baby daughter.
Patrick, who told a reporter of the group's history, said he started his musical career- except for a few piano lessons-playing in a skiffle group.
"I played skiffle for about a year but the group I -- with broke up and I decided to form my own.
For fun
In those days we never thought we would get as far as we have. We just played for the fun of it with the hope that one day we could earn some money to help pay for the cost of our instru- ments which were on hire purchase.
The Cadillacs comprise three guitarists, one of whom acts as the vocalist, and a drummer.
Only one of the present four has not been with the group since its formation. He is Colin Quaintance (18), of. 14, Hester Road, Milton. Colin, whose stage name is Colin Christian, took over the job of vocalist only 18 months ago. He also is a Dockyard apprentice.
The third guitarist is Keith Milton (20), of 17, Hillside Avenue, Purbrook. The drummer is Bryan Hatchard (23), of 126, Clive Road, Fratton. Bryan is now a diesel fitter. and is the only one of, the group who has finished his apprenticeship. The most striking aspect about the Cadillacs is the red evening dress worn by each member.


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