Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

The Renegades/Dynamos

renegaeds 1959

Renegades 1959 Pete Light, Don Golding, Dave Boltwood, Mark Tuddenham, Colin Woods.


standing, Colin, Dave Pete
kneeling, Marc and Don, date around 1960


Renegades 1960 Mark Tuddenham, Colin Woods, Tony Daws, Don Golding

renegaeds 1959

Renegades 1960 Colin Woods, Pete Light, Don Golding, Mark Tuddenham, at the Stork Club, Havant

renegades 1961 2

Renegades 1961, Mark Tuddenham, Colin W oods, Tony Daws, Don Golding

dynamos 1961 2

Dynamos 1961 at HillsideYouth Club, Mark Tuddenham, Tony Daws, Terry Bragg, Don Golding

dynamos 1962 2

Dynamos 1962 Terry Bragg, Tony Daws, Don Golding, Mark Tuddenham

dynamos 1962 3

Dynamos 1962, Taken by fan club secretary Sylvia McMaster on way back from a gig in Aldershot .
Terry Bragg left, Don Golding top, Mark Tuddenham right, Tony Daws below

dynamos 1963

Dynamos 1963 Live at the Tongham Festival Hants (actually summer 1964, maybe even '65).
Mark Tuddenham, Alf Pink, Roger Barber, Terry Bragg
This was one of the last gigs I did with Dynamos before joining
Graham Hunt and Mick McGuigan to form the Third Dimension.
Dynamos carried on for a time with Steve Stevenson on guitar (Check with Terry Bragg for more details on this)

dynamos 1963 2

Dynamos 1963 Terry Bragg, Roger Barber, Alf Pink, Mark Tuddenham

dynamos 1963
dynamos 1963

Dynamos 1963 Waterfont Club Woolston, Mark Tuddenham, Alfie Pink, Terry Bragg, Don Golding

dynamos 1964

Dynamos flyer: 1962/3 Top left - Tony Dawes (drs). Top right Terry Bragg (bass) Bottom left - Don Golding (gtr) Bottom right - Marc Tuddenham


The Dynamos 1962/63 Ė Marc Tuddenham, Tony Dawes, Don Golding and Colin Wood at Rickyís Club circa 1962.
Wearing the spanish style suits made by Colinís Mum out of black sailcloth, with yellow stripes on the pants (!)

The guitars are a collectors dream Marc's, a 1961 sunburst Fender Stratocaster.
Donís also a 1961 sunburst Stratocaster and Colinís, a 1960/61 sunburst Fender Precision Bass.
If only they still had them! The Stratsí value today (approx) £15,000 each and the bass (approx) £10,000.

dynamos 1962

Dynamos 1962

dynamos 1964 1

Dynamos 1964, Waterside Club Woolston. L/R Marc Tuddenham and drummer Alfie Pink

love potion1983

Love Potion pic: L/R Jacqueline Symes (voc), Don Golding (bass/voc) Me (gtr/voc) Harmonies /pop/rock

country cookin'

Country Cookin' pic: L/R Guitar Marc Tuddenham, drummer Stuart Green, bass/vocals Don Golding,
vocals Jacqueline Symes (sitting) Short lived country/country Rock band - In existence at same time as Love Potion

There was also a trio with Jacqui Symes, Graham Hunt(on bass!) and Marc Tuddenham, called 'Orinoco' c1981-83. No photos unfortunately.

third dimension1
third dimension2

Third Dimension L/R Graham Hunt -Marc Tuddenham and Mike McGuigan (in glasses) c1965


Strumming with Hank

Marc Tuddenham says;-
Since 1992 I have been going to France to the Django Reinhardt festival every June in Samois Sur Seine , just outside Fontainebleau, 40 miles south of Paris. Django lived their for the last few years of his life before he died in 1953.. He was a gypsy and at least half of the people who attend the festival are genuine gypsies too. (naturally, most of them claim to be related to their hero!)
To cut a long story short, Hank has gotten himself smitten with the gypsy jazz music these last few years, and runs a gypsy jazz band in Australia, where he now lives. There are dozens of Django festivals across the world now as the style has become much more popular in recent years.
Hank goes to the Samois festival every year now, and I stay in accommodation diectly opposite the festival site (The site is on a small island in the river) and the owner of the house invites some of the famous people there for a meal in her huge garden on the Saturday - and we all get to play together. Hence I was sitting chatting to Hank and his wife over a meal and a glass (or two) of wine. After which we all had a jam together and those who don't play just watch. I got to play Sleep Walk with Hank, which was kind of weird, but great fun.
Can't think of a better way of spending a sunny afternoon!

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