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Daisy Dormer was not born as Daisy Dormer but as Kezia Beatrice Stockwell on 16 January 1883 in Hampton Street, Southsea Portsmouth.
Her father was Henry John Henry Stockwell a rivetter at HM Dockyard, mother was Mary Ann Stockwell nee Barber.
A pretty, waif-like presence, she was famous for singing "After the Ball is Over" among other songs.

She appeared at the leading Music Halls and Pantomime too. She played a lovable Goody in Richard Waldon's pantomime Goody Two Shoes at The Royal Princess's Theatre, Glasgow in 1902. In 1903 she started a tour in Moss and Thornton's successful Robinson Crusoe at The Shakespeare Theatre, Liverpool, playing the part of Hal Loo, with Bert Gilbert and Brown Newland and Le Clerq. At the Royal, Bradford in 1910 she played principal girl Ruby in Sinbad the Sailor alongside Jack Pleasants and W. H. Powell.

In 1918 in a production of “Cinderella” at the Royal Court Theatre, Miss Daisy Dormer and company presented the pantomime twice daily
In 1935, she had a character part in the film City of Beautiful Nonsense.
The BBC’s “Beyond The Broadcast” website describes her as “a charming and pretty singer — a figure of innocence in her songs, at the mercy of unscrupulous male bounders. She danced and had a lilting tuneful voice which can be heard on only a few records.”started her stage career at the age of six years at Portsmouth, where she appeared as a Dancer.
She married Albert Jee but it was unhappy. Later on in life, they ran The Sun Hotel in Godalming. A child was born and adopted..

From the Portsmouth Evening News, September 13th Saturday, Former Portsmouth Actress Daisy Dormer and music hall star of 30 years ago on 13th September 1947, dies age 64 at her home in Clapham and was cremated at Streatham Park Cemetery.

1891 Census, 45 York Street, Portsea, St Luke RG12 869 page 140
name age occupation born
Henry J STOCKWELL head 31 skilled labourer Hants Portsmouth
Mary A STOCKWELL wife 29 Hants Emsworth
Keziah B STOCKWELL daughter 8 scholar Hants Portsmouthborn 1883?
Violet PM STOCKWELL daughter 6 scholar Hants Portsmouthborn 1885?
Henry J STOCKWELL son4 scholar Hants Portsmouthborn 1887?
Alice MN STOCKWELL daughter 1 Hants Portsmouth

Daisy sings!

Here is a part broadcast about Daisy.

- Daisy Dormer -

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Daisy Dormer Court is in Brixton, London

21 june 1901dd.jpg

21 June 1901

23 october 1909dd.jpg

23 October 1909

23 october 1909ddd.jpg

23 October 1909


At the Portsmouth Empire Palace 15th October 1910

18 october 1910dd.jpg

18 October 1910

29th March 1911 Daisy sang and performed at the London Palladium

25 july 1914dd.jpg

25 July 1914

28 july 1914dd.jpg

28 July 1914

28 july 1914ddd.jpg

28 July 1914


19th July 1919

14 january 1922dd.jpg

14 January 1922

23 august 1922dd.jpg

23 August 1922

1 march 1924dd.jpg

1 March 1924

30 may 1924dd.jpg

30 May 1924

25 november 1924dd.jpg

25 november 1924


At the Portsmouth Hippodrome 5th August 1926

8 november 1934dd.jpg

8 November 1934

9 november 1934dd.jpg

9 November 1934

27 november 1924dd.jpg

27 november 1924


15th September 1947


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