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Odds and Ends from the 1950's and before

Assorted other photographs and information about any local music acts from the beginning to 1959


Twilfit Follies of 1942

britania concertpartypierrotssouthseaphotographer

Donald Gilbert's Co - "The Ideals" - Southsea, from 'between the wars?'
and an un-named concert party, but the photorapher was from Southsea.

h22 April 1913.jpg h5 December 1925.jpg

22nd April 1913 -------------------5th Decmebre 1925.

poster july 1946

The Rinka Ivonora, Audrey Borwn School of Dancing, July 1946


The Scaleteers, this photo was taken at a Southsea Studio in 1902, but who were they?


Galaxy Concert Party

During and just after WW2, Len Tooke, was in Combined Forces Entertainment and ENSA.
When he left, he formed the Galaxy Concert Party to entertain troups in the area,
with his wife Audrey Barfoot.Their stage names were Lynn and Len Later.
Len and Audrey are wearing the white bow ties.


On ther left is Jack Hunt, then Len Merewood. Far right is Reg Aldridge, who was also manager at the Empress Ballroom. The lad is Graham Hunt, Jack was his father. more/friv2
Jack Hunt is second from right in the back row. Second from left in the mddle row is Reg Aldridge, and the lad is Gaham Hunt


Drummer Alf Pink of the Dynamos reealls, that they all worked in Portsmouth Dockyard where Reg recruited them including my dad, Mr. Pink (Electrician), ”Blackie” Stevens (Blacksmith), Jack Hunt (Graham’s Dad), Alec Emery (Electrician) and others.

The Frivolities

My dad and Reg did that old monologue “There’s a one eyed yellow idle to the north of Katmandu” with my dad reciting, with a pasty face and no personality, and Reg doing the actions whilst standing behind him.
Jack Hunt played the piano and accompanied his son Graham who starred as a five year old drummer. Alec Emery was a singer with a powerful voice and he later chased a career as a solo singer. He did not make it but got a speaking part in the Jack Hawkins film “The Cruel Sea”. Blackie Stevens played the ukulele like George Formby and his wife called “Scruffs” was the wardrobe mistress backstage.
Reg did everything and had each audience in fits when he hypnotised a few people and had them marching around the room selling newspapers at the top of their voices. He also sang“I-tiddly-i-ti-island” dressed as a Hawaiian girl in grass skirt, long blonde wig and a bra with two saucepan lids as the cups. It was hysterical as he would get hold of the knobs on the lids and pull them out in front of him and clap along with the song.
We often watched them in the shows at the Unity Hall in Arundel Street.
Reg got himself and about seven of the male members of the cast, including my dad, onto the Carroll Levis Discovery show on TV. They dressed in evening suits and were a male choir singing the Whippenpoof Song. Alas they did not win.
Reg eventually left the Dockyard and became a holiday camp entertainer.



Portsmouth Transport Concert Party before 1939


Musicians from branches of the Portsmouth Co-op Pimco

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