Portsmouth music scene

The Coliseum - Empire Theatre

Known Performances;-

The Empire Theatre
1891 November 2nd Grand Opening

1907 Variety, Vulcana and Atlas, Kitty Clover and Coy
1907 July 8th, Esta Stella, The Boissts, Lucy Coventry

1908, Billy Hobbs, Gena Manon
1908 September 21st, Florrie Forde, Sisters Henderson, Woolmer Young
1908 November 16th George Lashwood, Frank Boyce

1909 November 2nd Whit Cunliffe, Lizzie Daniels, Cissie Dryden, Rowland Hill
1913 Completley renovated and renamed The Coliseum, Marie Lloyd topped the re-opening bill.
1913 September 29th, Len Kilroy, Isabet D'armand & Frank Carter, Mona Vivian, Penman & Miller, Susie Belmoe, Stella & Garnett, The Three 'It's', Fred Keston.

1918 October 24th Great Scott!, Charles Baldwin

1921 September 26th, Splinters of 1921, Les Rouges et Noirs, Every artist a French Soldier
1928 January 30th, Neck's Weak

1929 July 29th Billy Bennett, Dudley Dale
1933 Sept 25, Willy Pantzer, Pearl Beresford, Spoldi and Paril

1935 June 17th Variety at it's best, Eric Randolph, The Valmar Trio

1936 May 25th, Newtown Old Boys Harmonica Band, Montana Sisters,
1936 June 1st Seven Elliotts, Hylda Baker, Lynda Roma
1936 June 8th Talbot O'Farrell, Arthur Haynes, Les Cigne Four
1936 June 15th Musaire, Rusty & Shine, Kerns & Capon.
1936 December 14th Mdlle Veronica £2,000 Legs. Nat Travers
1936 December 24th, Cinderella

1937 January 18th Paul Zaharoff and his International Band, Conway & Cordell
1937 August 16th Chung Ling Sen & Company
1937 September 5th 'Manoeuvres' Sandy Laurie and Co
1937 September 12th 'Ridgeway Parade of 1937' Philip Ridgeway and Co
1937 September 19th Scott Sander and his Variety Co
1937 September 26th Variety, Elsie Carlisle a& Sam Brown, Murray & Mooney

1938 July 4th, Good Night Good Night, Horsburgh Bros, Jimmy Malborn, The High Steppers
1938 August 8th Variety Elsie Carlisle & Sam Brown, Murray & Mooney
1938 November 21st, Sweet and Lovbely Jimmy Bryant, Drina, Ellis Physical Culture Girls
1938 November 23rd, Les Allen & Kittyy Masters, Stainless Steven, Silvestri

1939 March 27th, Sing out the news, Bex and Bex, Trixie Mason
1939 May 9th, Here's Fun, The Sparkes Brothers, Don Williams, Lulu
1939 June 12th, Variety, Val Enson The Great Mervo
1939 August 14th, Variety, Julot and Mario, 4 Dezzma Sisters
1939 October 9th Max Wall Georgie Wood he Two Leslies
1939 October 23rd, Variety, The Lonmgton Troup, Joyce and Shields
1939 November 13th Visions of 1940, Eddie Leslie, Jean Adrienne
1939 Novemjber 20th Billy Cotton and his Band

1940 May 6th, Band Wagon, Arthur Askey Richard Murdock
1940 August 6th, Variety, Dudley Dale and his Gang, The Two Brilliants.

1942 March 9th Variety Vera & Nora, Gay Moyo and Cargy
1942 June 15th, Variety, Skeets Martin, Claire Ruane
1942 August 10th, Cingalee, Jack Adamjs, Lonsdale Sisters
1942 August 17th The Four Allies
1942 October 12th Variety The Bohemians, 6 Mighty Atoms, Shek Ben Ali

1944 January 8th Artur Worsley ventrioquist.
1944 March 20th. Ralph Sutton, Britainís Premier Light Comedian and full supporting cast at 5.10pm and 7pm.
1944 April 22nd, Saturday, Gladys Sewell, Portsmouth's own Star light Comedienne appears .
1944 May 15th Dorothy Squires and Billy Reid
1944 June 17th, Saturday, Harry Lester and his Hayseeds appear .
1944 October 16th Pin Up Parade, Cyril Dowler, Kay White
: 1944 October 26th, Pin-up Parade with Cyril Dowler.
1944 November 11th,, Jane of the Daily Mirror in "Stage Door".
1944 December 22nd The world famous male impersonator Hetty King.

1945 January 8th Variety Show Suzette Tarri, Chick Robina, Walter Niblo
1945 January 29th Variety Show Adelaide Hall, Ted Lacy, Redman & Rosita
1945 February 3rd, Saturday, Eddie Cox and his Woodchoppers Band plus full supporting variety show.
1945 February 5th For the third time in nine weeks part of the show is to be broadcast by the BBC to all parts of the world.
1945 February 12th Variety Show Art Kildare, Mona Grey, Jerry Allen Trio
1945 March 13th Eugene and his Band entertain .
1945 March 27th Will Hay jr. appears .
1945 April 28th, Saturday, Comedian Ralph Sutton appears .
1945 May 20th Peter Brough with Archie Andrews appear .
1945 June 30th Saturday,, Wilson Kepple and Betty and others.
1945 August 11th Saturday,, Gloria Gaye and her all Ladies Band.
1945 August 27th Steffani and his 30 Silver Songsters appear .
1945 August 27th, Billy Uke Scott, Three Garcias, Audrey Marshall
1945 September 14th Randolph Sutton .
1945 October 8th Cavan O'Connor 'Only a strolling vagabond' appears Theatre.
1945 November 12th Hetty King appears .
1945 November 19th Harold Ramsey and his Electric Organ .
1945 December 16th The Portsmouth Choral Union sing Carols and Christmas music 1945 December 31st Norman Wisdom is booked for a week of performances at the Empire Portsmouth, apparently his first ever stage appearance but is not named in the Evening NEWS ads for the show.

1946 January 14th Cinderella, including an electric coach and four pretty ponies.
1946 February 4th, Dick Henderson, comedian, and company.
1946 February 25th Doris Hare, together with Connie Clare, a native of Southsea.
1946 March 25th, 'Naughty Girls of 1946'
1946 April 8th Clarkson Rose plus Freddie Merfield and his band .
1946 April 29th Peter Cavanagh, star impersonator, .
1946 May 13th Robb Wilton .
1946 May 20th, The Anglo French revue, Les Femmes Du Monde(Girls of the world)
1946 June 2nd Grand Orchestral and Choral concert .
1946 June 24th, Derek Roy of Variety Band Box fame.
1946 August 19th, Sandy Powell and Co.
1946 August 26th, Randolph Sutton appears.
1946 October 28th, Sid Millward and his Nitwits.
1946 November 4th, Al Shaw and his Blue Hawaiians.
1946 November 11th, Georgie Wood and Dolly Harmer, radios 'Mother and son'
1946 November 18th Bob and Alf Pearson .
1946 December 30th, Hutch, plus Hal Swain and his Swing Sisters.

1947 January 6th, Panto with Babes in the Wood.
1947 February 24th Cavan O'Connor .
1947 March 3rd Elsie and Doris Waters .
1947 March 24th Clarkson Rose .
1947 April 4th, The Portsmouth Choral Union present "Messiah" with full chorus and orchestra.
1947 April 14th Eddie Connor & Vernon Drake, The Flying Kenways.
1947 April 28th Sandy Powell, Foster & Clarke.
1947 May 5th Max Miller,Olga Veronaa, The Seven Southsea Singers.
1947 May 11th, the Portsmouth Choral Union Grand orchestral and choral concert, full chorus and orchestra with Isobel Baillie and Nellie Fulcher violin, conductor Bertram Bradshaw.
1947 May 11th, Al Podesta and his Accordion Band.???
1947 June 16th, Naughty Girls of 1947.
1947 June 30th The Tom Katz saxophone six .
1947 August 18th Switch back to Variety Twlve distinct act involving dogs and pidgeons
1947 August 11th The Coliseum stage a musical play, Me and my girl, their first one in 50 years.
1947 September 2nd The variety show includes Portsmouth girl Paula Crook making a successful first appearance.
1947 September 8th, Soldiers in skirts, an all ex-service menís cast.
1947 November 17th Local boy, Little Bobby Collins sings and met with a very favourable reception.
1947 December 22nd, Babes in the Wood pantomime.

1948 January 15th Dick Whittington has replaced Babes in the Wood .
1948 February 9th Danny Keen, The Three Oxfords, The Three Scamps
1948 March 22nd Phyllis Dixey, 'England's most fascinating star', comes to the Coliseum.
1948 April 19th Dr. Crock and his Crackpots, the funniest show on tour, .
1948 April 26th, an appearance of 'The Naughty Girls of 1948'
1948 May 30th, Wee Georgie Wood plus Hal Swain and his Swing Sisters.
1948 June 21st, Hit Parade of 1948 with Betty Driver.
1948 June 28th, Gloria Gaye and her all Girl band.
1948 July 5th, "Scandals of 19 Naughty Eight".
1948 July 12th, Hall Monty plus the Four Aces(presumably not the American Four Aces?).
1948 July 19th Jane of the Daily Mirror, Jasper Maskelyne.
1948 August 23rd Winifred Attwell Theatre.
1948 August 29th Phyllis Dixie in 'Peek a Boo', is .
1948 September 13th Dr Crock and his Crackpots return to the Coliseum Theatre.
1948 November 11th Olive Dale who lives at 17 London Road Portsmouth is singing this week.
1948 December 27th Dr. Crock and his Crackpots.

1949 January 3rd, Cinderella
1949 January 10th Aladdin.
1949 January 17th Babes in the Wood.
1949 April 18th Phyllis Dixey appears in 'Peek-a-boo' Theatre.
1949 May 9th, 'The Nude Look'
1949 My 23rd Two shows in one, Razzle Dazzle and Royal Kiltie Juniors
1949 May 30th Tributes to Florrie Forde, Maria Lloyd, Vesta Tilley
1949 July 4th "Nudes are News" Theatre.
1949 July 11th, Curly Jay in "Don't blush girls"
1949 August 15th Nude De Paris, Mdlle Lolita, The Karlton Girls
1949 September 5th, "Eve takes off", a review.
1949 September 12th all week is a review called "The Nude Look"
1949 October 17th, No No Nanette, Reg Palmer, Joe Ritchie
1949 October 26th, Artists and Models.
1949 October 31st an Anglo French revue call Revue de Paris.
1949 November 14th The New Look Revue, Billy Hancox, Lanr Holley Trio, The Cox Twins.
1949 November 21st, it's 'Eve without leaves'
1949 December 5th, 'Venus on parade' including the famous Boswell twins.

1950 January 2nd, Cinderella.
1950 January 9th, Babes in the Wood.
1950 February 13th, Hetty King, and Winifred Atwell perform.
1950 Feb 27th A selection of 'Hollywood Doubles' appear .
1950 March 6th, 'Sensations of 1950', with Jack Haig comedian, on a long bill of variety artistes.
1950 April 3rd The Coliseum is re-named The Empire Theatre and begins with a variety bill headed by singer Jack Doyle.
1950 The Coliseum Theatre in Edinburgh Road changes its name to the Empire Theatre.
1950 April 24th At the Empire Theatre, Vocalist Sam Browne, but at the foot of the bill, comedian Tony Hancock.
1950 May 1st Cyril Fletcher appears at the Empire Theatre.
1950 May 8th At the Empire Theatre, BBC singing star, Dick James.
1950 May 22nd Comedian Eric Barker plays the Empire Theatre.
1950 May 29th At the Empire Felix Mendelssohn and his Hawaiian Serenaders play also Britain's newest singing star Frankie Vaughn.
1950 June 12th Harry Parry and his Radio sextet play at the Empire Theatre.
1950 July 3rd 'A glamorous and colourful revue' "A date with Eve", opens at the Empire Theatre.
1950 July 17th At the Empire Theatre, The Eight Scala Girl present, 'artistic studies from art'
1950 July 19th Radio entertainer from 'Record Roundup' Jack Jackson appears at the Empire Theatre with the Eight Scala Girls.
1950 July 31st At the Empire Theatre a show called 'Nudes are news' including the Ben Dudley Trio.
1950 August 7th At the Empire Theatre, 'Boys will be girls' an all-male cast of female impersonators, including Ford and Sheen, Billy Wells, and the Lynton Boys.
1950 August 14th "Vote for Venus" is the show at the Empire Theatre, with Miss Venus of 1950 and the Venus Lovelies.
1950 October 2nd At the Empire 'Revue de Paris' with the Casino Lovelies.
1950 October 30th At the Empire Theatre, 'Razzle' the 1950's Gayest Revusical Glamour Show.
1950 November 4th Saturday, At the Empire Theatre, Woolgar Barbell Studio present 'Portsmouth Cavalcade of Strength and Beauty'.
1950 December 4th At the Empire, Beauty in Spangles.
1950 December 11th At the Empire Theatre, Adelaid Hall stars in Harlem to Piccadilly.
1950 December 26th At the Empire Theatre, Aladdin.

1951 February 6th At the Empire Theatre, Girls, Glamour and Gags, with Sandy Powell.
1951 February 26th Stars and Strips Dave Hoult, Mary Stuart
1951 March 12th Max Miller appears at the Empire Theatre.
1951 March 19th At the Empire 'Evening Nudes'.
1951 March 26th At the Empire Theatre, Down Lambeth Way with Lauri Lupino Lane.
1951 April 3rd At the Empire Theatre, Tommy Godfrey, Barry Lupino and Leo Franklyn in, Festival of Eve.
1951 April 16th At the Empire Theatre, a revue entitled 'Let's go gay'.
1951 April 23rd At the Empire Theatre, Strike a nude note.
1951 May 7th At The Empire Theatre, the Famous All Coloured Revue, Harlem comes to town.
1951 May 14th Ted Lune stars in Vive Les Femmes at the Empire Theatre.
1951 June 2nd Pardpn my French A suacy scintillating Revue>
1951 June 18th Knights of Beauties, The gay show of 1951 1951 July 2nd At the Empire Theatre, 'Back to Camp', an all male revue.
1951 July 30th At the Empire Theatre, the hit show of 1951, Hello Beautiful.
1951 September 24th At the Empire Theatre Star of stars, Arthur Haynes, in Continental Tit Bits.
1951 October 8th At the Empire Theatre, Ladies first, with Jack Mayo.
1951 November 19th It's Yerrific, Charlie ellis, Harry Tracy
1951 December 10th, Irish Revels, Stan White and Ann, Terry the Irish Minstrel
1951 December 26th Cinderella at the Empire Theatre includes an appearance of Madame Courtney's 'Babes'.

1952 February 6th Star Parade of 1952, The Huston Siters
1952 February 15th Beauties and Bellbottoms
1952 March 24th, Red Riding Hood on Ice, Arthur and Gordon Bega, Leslie Haskell
1952 March 31st Isn't it wonderful
1952 April 12th Why Worry, Johnny Lockwood
1952 May 19th Scream-Lined
1952 June 16th, Yells and Gels, Billy Eltham & Gee Sharpe, The Merry Three
1952 July 28th, Piccadilly Vanities, Moray and Maxine, Bert Bert and Bert
1952 August 18th, Fresh and Frisky, Des Dale, Dickie Arnold, Valerie Walsh
1952 August 25th, Sugar and Spice, Dickie Arnold, Mickie Warren
1952 September 1st Randolph Sutton appears at the Empire Theatre.
1952 September 15th At the Empire Theatre, Cinderella on ice.
1952 October 3rd Mr. Herbert William Cable is the new manager at the Empire Theatre.
1952 October 6th Donald Peers Clarkson & Leslie
1952 October 13th At the Empire Theatre, Carroll Levis 'Showstoppers' discoveries, includes singer Alan Vinesse, accordionist 'Bunky' Harrison both from Portsmouth and the Gosport Haggard family of bell-ringers.
1952 October 17th The manager of the Empire Theatre, Mr. W.E.B. Slater, retires after 50 years in show business.
1952 November 3rd Ivy Benson and her All Girl Orchestra play at the Empire Theatre.
1952 November 10th It's folly to be wise, Vic Wise, Kenton and Keen
1952 December 1st Stars of Radio, Leon Coetez, Doreen Harris
1952 December 26th At the Empire Theatre, Dan Leno Jr. also Jessie Jewel in Red Riding Hood.

1953 January 5th At the Empire, Dan Leno Jr. stars in Red Riding Hood.
1953 February 2nd Robinson Crusoe, Lizanne St Dennis, Ida Lenner
1953 February 9th Rosaires Circus, liberty horses, Lions, Monkey business, Equestrian and canine wonders, perfoming geese
1953 February 16th Let's start cheering
1953 February 23rd Hello Miss Venus, Jimmy Malborn, Tony Kinsella
1953 March 2nd A peep into 1960
1953 March 9th Show Girl, Curly Jay, Sylvia Roiss
1953 March 27th At the Empire Theatre talent show, the winners were Harold Legg of Berersford Road North End, on accordion, and Gordon Morgon a Dockyard Joiner from Shearer Road Portsmouth on guitar, won first place. Second were the singing Braelon Sisters, really cousins Joan Dollerey and Mary Stroud. The Harmonica Scamps, Ted Sutton, Jim Merrett and Norman Bone, from Gosport came third.
1953 March 30th Phyllis Dixey in Peek a boo
1953 April 14th Miss Plaster of Paris, Syd Makin
1953 April 27th This was the army, all male cast, Jack Lewis, Sonny Dawkes, Tommy Rose
1953 May 2nd A peep into 1960, Dan Young, Billy Eaves
1953 May 11th Kitty McShane appears at the Empire Theatre.
1953 May 26th Don't be shy girls, Tom E VBradley, Dave Winton
1953 June 8th Windmill Follies, Billy Whitaaker
1953 July 13th The Piccadilly Hayride plays at the Empire Theatre, and include Terry Scott and Bill Maynard.
1953 July 20th Leg Show, Jimmy French, Clayton WardAt the Empire theatre, an act didn't turn up so the impresario George Black told the Empire manager to contact 15 year old Joan St Paul, her parents run a pub in Commercial Road Portsmouth, and get her as a replacement.
1953 July 27th Paree for me, Des Dale, Dickie Arnold
1953 August 17th At the Empire Theatre, it's "The Naughty Girls of 1953"
1953 August 31st Kiss me goodnight Sergeant Major, Tony Dalton, Jock Glen
1953 September 14th Comic Strip, the nude show, Frank Formby
1953 September 21st "Folies Montmartre" Hal Blue, Sid England, Zou Zou and Les Girls
1953 October 11th At the Empire Theatre a concert for the blind includes the Portsmouth Police Choir, who recently won the Coronation Cup and the Gosport music festival, and solo singers and a special appearance of Max Miller.
1953 October 12th, Windmill Follies, Lee Brooklyn, Edward Orland
1953 November 2nd The 'Windmill Follies' at the Empire Theatre included Portsmouth musicians Harry Legg and Gordon Morgon playing accordion, guitar and xylophone.
1953 November 9th At the Empire Theatre, Hylda Baker appears in 'Moulin Rouge'.
1953 November 23rd Phyllis Dixey in Peek a boo.
1953 December 26th Saturday, Babes in the Wood Pantomime at the Empire Theatre.

1954 March 2nd La Folie De PareeJane Shore and her4 Parisienne Models, Rltham & Sharpe.
1954 April 19th Goldilocks and the three bears on ice, Mary Harkness, Mavis Groome
1954 April 26th Beuaty on Duty, Dan Young, Margi Morris 1954 May 17th Mesdemoiselles from Armentieres, Harry Rowson
1954 May 31st Call us Mister, all male revue, Louis Hayden, Alan Haynes
1954 June 7th Phyllis Dixey appears at the Empire Theatre.
1954 June 21st Taking off tonight, Rhoda Rogers, Cyril Dowler
1954 June 28th Benny Lee and Robin Richmond appear at the Empire Theatre.
1954 July 1st Something for the boys, Billy Dainty,
1954 October 25th At the Empire Theatre, Memories of Jolson.
1954 December 6th Nat Gonella plays at the Empire Theatre all week.
1954 December 13th Our Anniversary Show, The Three Gridneffs, Baldwin & Castle, Frances Day, Chic & Candy Ross.
1954 December 27th Make it a party, Bill Maynard, Esme Sylva

1955 January 3rd The Xmas Party 1955 January 10th The nicest girls of 1955, Peter Ross, Ronnie Scott
1955 January 17th A present from Paris, Charlie Bruce, Julie Desmond
1955 January 31st Phyllis Dixey appears in Peek a boo.
1955 February 7th At the Empire Theatre 'Hollywood Stars' brings lok and sound a likes of Fred Astaire, Nat King Cole, Charlie Chaplin, Al Jolson and Betty Grable.
1955 February 28th Yes we have no Pyjamas, Syd Makin, Mary Harkness
1955 March 21st Burlesque, Simone Sylva
1955 April 4th The Whoopee Leg Show
1955 April 18th Miracvles of the Music Hall, Valita and Aldino
1955 May 30th Phyllis Dixey appears in 'Girls Gorgeous girls' at the Empire Theatre.
1955 June 20th Paris by Night, Tommy Godfrey 1955 July 4th Pleasures of Paris, Jimmy Charters, Les Apaches
1955 August 22nd, Oh! You Naughty Girls, The Three Skylarks, Eve Lynnae, Roy Mack
1955 October 3rd The Jane Show
1955 October 8th The Nautiest Girls in Town, Jill Manners, Danny O'Dea.
1955 November 21st The Phyllis Dixey Show plays at thue Empire Theatre.
1955 December 26th Red riding Hood, John De Monzo, Penny Lee

1956 February 6th Venus comes to town, Denise Vane, The Duncan Sisters
1956 February 13th The Glamour Show of 1956, Renee Houston, Donald Stewart
1956 March 12th The Portsmouth Grand Opera Company present Bizet's Carmen at the Empire Theatre and includes Sadie Shaw from Gosport.
1956 April 23rd At the Empire Theatre 'Stars to Remember' Music Hall of today and yesterday, is performed.
1956 June 18th A night with the naughtiest girl, Terry 'Toby Hug' Cantor, 'Red' Preston
1956 June 25th Cabarets De Paris, Syd Cheshire
1956 July 2nd Folies Parisienne
1956 July 9th The Sauciest Show in Town, Joe Poynton, Pattie Darvi
1956 October 1st Eve comes to town, Jack Anton Tomy Seymour.
1956 October 8th Ooh La La Cherie
1956 October 15th Sky's the limit, Len Marten, Bob Grey
1956 October 22nd At the Empire Theatre, Columbia recoding star Ronnie Harris, and Kenny Flame and his Rockets in 'Rock around the town'.
1956 November 5th the Portsmouth Grand Opera Company present 'Faust' at the Empire Theatre.
1956 November 19th Bring on the girls, Billy Wells, Nye Lewis
1956 December 16th The Milton Glee Club give a concert at the Empire Theatre for the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth's Polio research fund.
1956 Panto Aladin, Jack Jackson, Barry Lupino, David Lupino, Doprothy Lupino.

1957 January 1st Cinderella is the Panto at the Empire Theatre.
1957 January 27th Lonnie Donegan and his Skiffle Group were booked to play at the Empire Theatre together with The Liddell Sisters, and Eddie Forehead's Rock'n'rollers, but it was cancelled on 11-1-57, because a clause in the Empire Theatre License does not allow this type of show. It is transferred the the Commodore Theatre Ryde.
1957 February 25th Ivy Benson and her All Girls Band play at the Empire Theatre all week.
1957 March 18th Columbia singing star Tony Brent appears at the Empire Theatre.
1957 March 25th At the Empire Theatre, Miss Striptease of 1957, Denise Vane.
1957 April 15th At the Empire Theatre, Venus on Parade, featuring Portsmouth's own singing star Steve Harris.
1957 April 22nd Max Miller appears at the Empire Theatre.
1957 April 29th At the Empire Theatre 'Britain's answer to Bill Hayley' Art Baxter and his Rock'n'roll Sinners, later in the week advertised at Dickie Bennett and his Rock'n'roll Sinners.
1957 May 6th At the Empire Theatre, 'Thanks for the Memory', a grand array of look a-like music hall artistes.
1957 May 26th The 751st United States Air Force Band play at the Empire Theatre.
1957 May 26th The Portsmouth Grand Opera Company perform at the Empire Theatre with proceeds to the Cheshire Home, Lee Court.
1957 May 27th Strip Queens of 1957 Toni Kaye, Eddie Reindeer, Elaine Smith.
1957 June 2nd Max Miller appears at the Empire Theatre with Bobby Collins.
1957 September 2nd Nigh Life in Piccadilly Steve Harris Sheila Raye
1957 September 15th Freddy Randall and his Band play at the Empire Theatre.
1957 October 28th The Hedley Ward Trio play at the Empire Theatre.
1957 November 18th Morcambe and Wise appear at the Empire Theatre.
1957 December 8th Ronnie Carroll, the Crescent City Jazz Band and the Nomads Skiffle Group from Portsmouth, appear at the Empire Theatre.
1957 December 15th The Milton Glee Club and the Southsea Silver Band, plus soloist Tudor Evans, give a concert of carols and Christmas Music at the Empire Theatre.
1957 December 26th Panto at the Empire theatre "Goody Two Shoes" with Dan Leno Jr.

1958 February 3rd Chas McDivett Skiffle Group, and the Four Jacks from HMS Albion, play at the Empire Theartre.
1958 February 9th The Nomads Skiffle Group, singer Maxine Daniels, Chas McDivett Skiffle Group, and the Four Jacks from HMS Albion, play at the Empire Theatre.
1958 February 10th "Disc Doubles" at the Empire Theatre include Elvis, Mario Lanza, Frankie Vaughn, Ruby Murray, Liberace and Johnnie Ray.
1958 February 17th Phyllis Dixey appears at the Empire Theatre.
1958 February 24th Dorothy Squires appears at the Empire Theatre.
1958 March 10th At the Empire Theatre the Portsmouth Grand Opera Company present die Fledermaus.
1958 31st March, Mackel Twins, Danny Purches. Derek Yeldint Tony Veale, Bobby Blake and the Bobcats, Margaret Kerr
21st April 1958 at the Empire Theatre Peep Show Scandals, Dave Gray, Toni Kaye.
1958 June 1st Jazz at the Empire Theatre with the Jazz Couriers, Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Scott and the Dill Jones Trio.
1958 June 17th The Empire Theatre has been sold, and may disappear altogether.
1958 June 30th Paul Raymond Revue Show "Starts of Striptease" Len Marten
1958 Jult 7th Another Great Show, Stars of Striptease, Len Martin
1958 August 2 The last week ever of the Empire Theatre, with "A Strip of Show Business" with Terry Cantor, Dale Warren
1958 Augfust 25th A Strip from Show Business Terry 'Toby Jug' Cantor
1958 September 24th Auction of all effects at the Empire Theatre.

1959 May 9th The Empire Theatre is being demolished.

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