Portsmouth music scene

Blackout, Gold Dust and Smiling Hard

black cats first line up 1962
Black Cats: First Line-up (1962) Chris Houghton (Vocals) John Jenkins (Drums) Kev Gilson (Vocals/Guitar/Sax)
Tony Gilson (Bass Guitar) Dave Gilson (Lead Vocals-Guitar)
black cats2
Black Cats: Promo Shot Tony Gilson (Bass Guitar) top, Chris Houghton (Vocals) top left, Kev Gilson (Vocals/Guitar/Sax) right,
John Jenkins (Vocals-Drums) bottom left, Dave Gilson (Vocals-Guitar) bottom. 
black cats 1964
Black Cats: Second Line-up (1964) Dave Gilson (Lead Vocals-Guitar) Tony Gilson (Bass Guitar)
John Jenkins (Drums) Kev Gilson (Vocals/Guitar/Sax)
blackout 1965
Blackout: Second Line-up (1965) Back Row Left to Right Tony Gilson (Vocals/Bass Guitar)
Bill Carlton (Guitar/Percussion) John McLeod (Vocals/Keyboards) Front Row Left to Right Dave Gilson (Lead Vocals/Guitar)
Kev Gilson (Vocals/Guitar/Sax) John Jenkins (Vocals/Drums)
blackout on stage
Blackout: On Stage Left to Right Dave Gilson (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Trumpet)
Tony Gilson hidden (Vocals/Bass Guitar) Kev Gilson (Vocals/Sax/Guitar)
blackout on stage2
Blackout: On Stage Left to Right John Jenkins (Vocals/Drums) Kev Gilson stooped (Vocals/Sax/Guitar)
Bill Carlton (Guitar/Percussion) John McLeod (Vocals/Keyboards)
blackout zoo
Blackout: At the Zoo Promo Shot Left to Right Kev Gilson Bill Carlton Dave Gilson John McLeod John Jenkins Tony Gilson

blackout blackout1960s.jpg
Blackout in the 1960s Kevin Gil on sax, John Jenkins on drums.
savoy ticket jan 1969
Blackout: Left to Right;-
Dave Gilson - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Trumpet; Tony Gilson - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals;
John Jenkins - Drums/Backing Vocals; Kev Gilson - Lead Vocals, Saxes/Flute/Guitar/Harmonica;
Bill Carlton Guitar/Percussion; and John McLeod - Keyboards/Harmonica/Backing Vocals.

gold dust card
the original 'Gold Dust'

The original Gold Dust


left to right, Tony Gilson, John Mcleod, Dave Houghton, Kevin Gilson.

smiling hard poster.jpg
Smiling Hard with Nick

Smiling Hard with Nick Hug in his signature duffel coat.

smile1 smile2
smiling hard around 1975-6xx

Smiling Hard around 1975-6


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