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The Portsmouth Music Scene

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We decided to finish our research at the end on the 1960's. After that came Punk Rock, New Romantics, Electronic pop and the rest. It was here that the wedge of the ever widening generation gap showed it's face. So we decided to leave the following years to other researchers.

There are a number of books that may interset;-

Past a joke, by Alan Zeffertt, published by the Portsmouth NEWS in 1988. Alan recalls many of his 1950's days, freiend, drinking places, clubs and musicians.

Twenty missed beats, The Portsmouth Music Scene - 1977-1996, by Athony Rollinson published 1996 by Mouthy Publications, Portsmouth.

Seaside Rock, The 60's "Southern Scene" and the Beat Group that transcended a generation, by Keith Francis. Self published in 2000.

Almost Forty Years, of Southsea Rock and Pompry Blues, by Dave Allen. Minerva Press London 1998.

Singing Out, Voices of Portsmouth Rock and Pop Musicians, published by Portsmouth Musems and Record Service.circa 2000.

A Cure for Gravity: A Musical Pilgrimage, 1999, autobiography by Joe Jackson published by Anchor Books. He mentions his days in Portsmouth, the venues and some friends. Although, born in Burton on Trent, it's believed he lived at Paulsgrove.

Dave and Mick's Pompey Pop Pix, 2011, over 200 photographs of local musicians through the years

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