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the carlton dance band

The Carlton Dance Band, date from? 1930's maybe even earlier?
Photograph taken at Clarence Pier by Thomas Humphries of London Road, Portsmouth
Note the assortment of instruments and the megaphone, but the line-up details are not known, see below.
Billy Bennett is seen here at the Piano.

the carlton six

"The Carlton Six'. The image shows six musicians at Clarence Pier, a saxophonist. clarinetists-pianist with a megaphone
vioIinist banjo are on stage player also with megaphone and a drummer.
The bass drum is decorated with a flame logo and the words 'Carlton Dance Band' and they are on stage at the Clearance Pier.
The band was the house band of Clearance Pier from 1923 to 1929. The donor's father. George Bennett on piano was the band leader.
The drummer was Harry Quinton. The photograph was taken by Thomas Humphries of London Road, Portsmouth.


Two Carlton Dance Band gigs in 1926

Mr Bennett's band now renamed 'Billy Bennett and his Brilliant Band' shown on stage at H.M.S. Vernon, their usual venue, in the late 1940's.
The band numbers five, from left to right. Jimmy O'Nion (accordionist), Mr Bennett (bass), drummer is unknown, Mike Reilly (sax and clarinet),
Cecil Jefferies (piano) plus Bill Hunt. Mr Bennett renamed the band on the advice of Billy Butlin The band played H.M.S. Vernon on VE night.


Stan Bennett Quintet: Stan Bennett (P), Sammy Seal (B), John Wynn (S), Keith Watts (D), Roland Greening (G)


Jo Baker and Stan Bennett


The Stan Bennett Trio with Jo Baker at the Vine in Hambledon 16th February 2014,
From L-R: Tony Carter sax, Stan Bennett piano, Malcolm Parrott bass, Jo Baker vocals.

Marriages Mar 1918 Bennett George, married Agnes F Shergold, Wilton 5a 405

Births Sep 1918 Bennett Kathleen A Shergold Wilton 5a 260 became Mrs Lewis
Births Jun 1920 Bennett Sidney G Shergold Wilton 5a 351
Births Mar 1923 Bennett Irene A Shergold Andover 2c 405
Births Dec 1924 Bennett Cynthia A Shergold Portsmouth 2b 602 became Mrs Cobb
Births Dec 1926 Bennett Sheila K Shergold Portsmouth 2b 609
Births Dec 1928 Bennett Kenneth F Shergold Portsmouth 2b 580 moved to Australia
Births Dec 1930 Bennett Stanley R Shergold Portsmouth 2b 626
Births Mar 1933 BENNETT Sylvia M Shergold Portsmouth 2b 598

1911 census HOUSEHOLD BENNETT GEORGE M 1897 14 Portsmouth Hampshire

George Bennett was renamed 'Billy' by Billy Butlin in about 1939, who said it sounded better!.
There may have been Irish blood in the family? as George was born in Dublin Ireland on the 14th November1892.
He died in June 1986 at the Sue Ryder Home at Liss, Hampshire age 94.

He played piano in the silent movies at Ludgershall Wiltshire.
The family moved to Portsmouth from Tidworth about 1924 to be with their parents who lived in Queens Road.
'Billy' lived in Gladys Ave., in about 1924/5/6? and his day job was with the Hampshire Furnishing Company.
but sold it and moved to Waterlooville during the 2nd war.
George was in the 1914/18 war.
From 1924 to 1929 George 'Billy's' band, The Carlton Dance Band were resident on Clarence Pier.
Harry Quinton was their drummer for a long time.
In 1939 his Accordion Band won the Southern Counties Championship.
The Dance Band singer was 'Keith'

Bennett's shop in New Road

During the 1930's played at HMS Vernon 114 PO's mess, and 205 Chief's mess., and later at Whale Island.
Also played at Masonic Balls and Police Balls. At this time Kathleen sang with the full band and the six piece band. One song remembered 'The lady in red''.
Kathleen and her sister had piano lessons from Professor Mudge in Angerstein Road, and not her father.
During the second war his played at the Ambassador Ballroom, in Cosham High Street, that became the Odeon cinema, and is lately a bingo concern.
Then had a residency at the Cosham Trades Club in Wayte Street.
Opened the first shop in New Road in 1949 selling records, sheet music, violins, recorder etc.
The business was known as BENNETTS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS.
'Billy' retired from playing, but continued teaching and selling, from New Road
In the 1960's and 70's had 5 shops including one at Bitterne in Southampton run by Paul Kimber.
Had Organ Demos at the Guildhall.

The majority of the dates refer to entries in the Kelly's Directories

Bennetts Musical Instruments

1951 Billy Bennett 149 New Road
1953 Billy Bennett 149 New Road
1956 Billy Bennett 149 New Road
1958 Bennetts Musical Intruments 149 New Road, 58 Fratton Road
Syd Bennett at Raneleigh Road?
Stan Bennett at Adair Road?
1960 Bennetts Musical Intruments 149 New Road, 58 Fratton Road
1963 Bennetts Musical Intruments 149 New Road, 58 Fratton Road
1964 Bennetts Musical Intruments 149 New Road, 58 & 354a Fratton Road
1976 Bennetts Musical Intruments 149 & 117 New Road, 58 Fratton Road,
62 London Road N/End
Billy Bennett and his two sons Sid and Stan ran the shops, also organist John Garr worked there for a time and Guitarist/keyboardist Rod Watts.

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musical ins ad

Bennetts Music ads in the Evening News


bennett1 bennett3

Bennetts New Road Music Shop as it was, and as it is in 2017


Bennetts Drum Centre pin badge

Stan Bennetts shop at 58 Fratton Road in 2021

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