Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene

Over the years many different makes of amplification equipment has been availble,
if you could afford them.
Here are a selection of assorted amplifiers used, mainly during the 1960's

Truvoice Red head copycat Selmer 1 Selmer 2 Selmer 3 dominator mk1 mk2 and copycat dominator head18 wathead2wem ad Watkins slave 1 wem1 4x12 wem column wem slave wemer 100b amp wemer 100d amp wem pa system 2 vox1 vox2 vox column vox3 vox4 vox5 vox wall voxsupreme 1968 marshall1 marshall2 marshall3 marshall amp carlsbro70 marshall2 marshall3 fender bandmaster fender bandmaster2 fender bandmaster3 fender bandmaster4 VintageMarshall1 vintagemarshall2
marshall1 stack marshall 11960tv
marshal-1960s marshall-who

..... and that's all there was to it !!! if you could afford them!.

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