Final Groups

The Portsmouth Music Scene

There may be gaps missing names and no doubt mistakes - we would welcome further contributions to improve the record
“Groups” refers specifically to those playing pop beat rhythm & blues soul and rock music broadly utilising amplified guitars and drums plus in some cases other instruments
Our aim is to include any popular music group from/based in the Portsmouth area that made at least one public performance

Mick Cooper (cooper_m6@skycom) & Dave Allen (daveallen@portacuk)

An A to Z of some of Portsmouth bands and groups who recorded and gigged from 2000 to date

5 Amp Boys The:Richard Poate bass/vocals Frank Mulholland drums David Griffin guitar/vocals. Ken McManus guitarist Georgina Smith
Adamseed: Trev "Baby" Pinner bass + backing vox Spike guitar + lead vox
All in The swing:Grace Mickey Steve.
Angry Joe: Simon Nightingale - Vocals + Bass Adam Knight - Lead Guitar Mark Lewis - Rhythm Guitar + Backing Vocals Joe Barber - Drums + Backing Vocals
Anthropophagite:Rory Backshell lead guitar Ben Donaldson rhythm guitar Artem Skovronskyy drums Mark Long vocals Pete Cairns bass.
Arcade Hearts:Harrison Adams Frankie Drain Brandon Squibb Daniel SurridgeSmith
Asylum Seekers:Steve Vocals/Rhythm Guitar Clive Lead Guitar/Vocals Mick Bass/Vocals Brett Drums/Random Grunts
Audio Fiction:Scott Sutton Drums and Vocals Matt Ross Guitar and Vocals Ray King Bass Ash Hatton Guitar
Avalon:Steve Browning Helen Earle Steve Fennimore and John Walton Steve soundman.
Ballroom Blitz:Mati Fuller Jesse Page Colin Page and Dave Glover.
Bare Your Scars:Luke Champion vocals John Corney guitar Liam Collins bass Ben Williams drums.
Battery Hens:Day Bass/Vox Joff Reid Drums Matt Chuter Guitars/ Lead Vox Matthew Tiller Guitar/Vox
Bear Cavalry:Louis Matthew Owen Dan
Bemis:Gareth Howells singer Mark Finn lead guitarist Mike Rogers guitar/bass/piano/harmonica /drums/vocals Dillon Hughes bass player. Nathan Shervill drums.
Betty Blue Band:Betty Vocals Sean Electric/Upright Bass Martin Guitars Christopher Drums/ Percussion.
Big Band Theory 2013:Phil Briggs drums David Hardiman bass David Griffin guitar John McLeod keyboards vocals Dave Mussell keyboards vocals "G" vocals Neal Campbell vocals
Big Child Mann Child:Matt Jarvis Lloyd Hoy Steve Probert.
Bigtopp: James 'PM' Parsons - Lead Vocals Martin Parsons - Keys/Vox James Rizzi - Guitar... See More
Bitter End The 2015:Clive Bates/guitar Matt Little/keyboard Mick Eveleigh/vocals John Connell/drums Ian Maclaughlin/bass Matt Edwards guitar
Bittertown Marys:Sam Jones Vocals/Guitars Ben Jones Vocals/Guitars Jason Martin Bass Guitars Joel Cowdrey Drums
Blackfoot Circle:Jack Greenfield Drums Grant Melin Guitars Jake Bezzina Vocals.
Blue Jean Bop 2012/15:Andrew Gent Double Bass Glenn Mudie drums Rick Moore Guitar.
Blues Brother's by Disco Diva's: Debbie Cobbett - Lead Vocalist Karen Barnett - Lead Vocalist
Bog Rolling Stones:Mick Slacker Vocals/harmonica Keef Pilchard Guitar/vocals Brian Bones Guitar/vocals Bill Pieman Bass Charlie What Drums Elton Clayderman Keyboards
Boomerang:Teresa Lyford Lead Vocals. Ian Machin Keyboards Vocals Bass. Simon Forrester Guitar. Les Jenkins Bass & Guitar. Paul Anthony Drums & Vocals
Brigand's Brew:Nick Manley: vocals guitar cittern Don McKenzie: vocals fiddle mandolin Johnny Whalley: vocals bodhran cajon.
Brother Deep:Elliott Feltham guitar/vox Josh Smith guitar Calum Alexander drums Andrew Moore bass.
Bu$iness The:JAMES Guitarist SUE Bassist JEFF drummer JESS Guitarist STEPH Vocalist.
Burtn Ice:Andy Broad guitar/vocals Simon Tufnail bass Alan "Blackie" Blackmore druyms Martin Bird guitar
Caravans The:Mark Penington vocals/lead guitar Lee Barnett percussion/drums/backing vocals Paul (Choppy) Lambourne double bass/gang shouts
Cat Gut Hooligans:Alanna Unknown Ukuele & Vocals, Clym Unknown Vocals & Guitar, Farz Unknown Cajon, Percussion & Vocals, Gary Unknown Vocals, Banjo & Guitar, Graeme Unknown Guitar & Vocals, Jane Unknown Ukuele, Mandolin, Kazoo & Vocals, Kieron Unknown Drums, Percussion, Squeeze Box & vocals, Luke Unknown Guitar, Lukuele & Vocals, Rich Unknown Ukuele, Kazoo, Drums & Vocals, Steve Unknown Guitar & Vocals.
Charlie Massiah and The Mighty Z Allstars:Charlie Massiah Tim Daniels Christian Cowlin Rod Fvktvp Ben Oches Rich Muscat.
Cheesedoctors The:Danny Bevan Vocals Brian Iredale Drums Dave Bulbeck Bass Nick Chandler Keyboard Joe HoughtonGisby Guitar Neville Bonner Tenor Saxophone.
Chi Jazz:John Clarke Matt Tween Noel Jay Steve Grainger.
China Lake:Jim Vocals: Tony Guitar: Spence Bass: Mark Drums
Class of 1969 The 2015:Phil Freeman vocals/harmonica/percs Rod Watts keyboard John Weight drums Martin Gritt guitar Steve Webster sax Keith Shilcock 5 string bass 2015
Class of 1969 The 2018:Jezz Shipton guitar Guy Barnett drums Nick Robinson bass Phil Freeman vocals/harmonica/percs Martin Gritt guitar Graham Murr Sax
Collision The:Lewis Smith Vocals Chris Latter Drums Evan Latter Guitar Tom Copeland Bass Dan Hennessy Guitar
Colour of the Jungle:Jack Evans John 'sea bass' Harris Dan Fiford Ben Irrrrrwin Joe Costello
Cool Classics:Chris Lowe Guitarist/vocalist Maxime Lanchbury MBE accordion player Chris Bousher bass/vocals Stuart Reed violin.
Covered-with-Cheeez:Rob Turner, Mike Paddon, Loz Humphries, Teresa Lyford, Ann Ferguson, Jon Pool
Crash Dive Sect:Derek Maher vocals/drums Andy Wandmore vocals/guitars/noises Alex Marsh bass.
Crooked 4th The:Dave Oakley Keys Chris White Guitar: Sean Taylor Bass Guitar Mal Burns Drums Jolene Burns Vocals
Cure The:disaster George Madgwick vocals Alex Dutton Drummer is Ells James Arnold plus Arron ? in 2008
Curl:Hayley Alker: vocals keyboards FranKA: sound design guitars bass Jon Callender: drums progs Wil "Sintaste" Garcia: guitars keys
Daisy Trail:Geoff Richards guitar Dave Houghton drums Pip De St Croix lead guitar Phil Campbell bass Kati Turner keyboard/violin John McLeod Keyboard
Damiain Lodrick Band:Damiain Lodrick guitar/vocals Mat Lake guitar/backing vocals Tim Cutting bass/backing vocals Nick Chandler keys/backing vocals. Russ Tarley drums/backing vocals.
Damian Lodrick Band The:Damiain Lodrick Guitar and Lead Vocals Mat Lake Guitar and Backing Vocals Tim Cutting Bass and Backing Vocals Nick Chandler Keys and Backing Vocals Russ Tarley Drums and Backing Vocals.
Dave Baker Project:Dave Baker teachest bass Matthew Parsons ukulele/percussion Janet Ayers vocal/violin/xaphoon/ kazoo.
Dave Brown Three The:Dave Brown drums/vocals Chris Paradine piano Dave Hardman bass
Day of Rabblement The:Khaleda Brophy Harmer Lead Vocals and Guitar Mac Brown Guitars and Vocals Rob Purkiss Drums and Vocals Danny Harmer Accordion and Vocals.
Deaf Boy Hug:Nic Hug Rob Richardson Chris Hughes and Tony Gilson.
Dendera:Ashley Edison Vocals Stephen Main Lead Guitar David Stanton Lead Guitar Bradley Edison Bass Andy Finch Drums.
Dicey Riley:Nick Day Tony Day
DLB Jazz Quartet The:Damiain Lodrick keyboard/vocals George Tate bass Paul Daff saxes Alternating Craig Henderson John Hammond drums.
Dodgers:Bernie Fox: Drums Clive Bates: Guitar Rob Vick: Bass Steve Grainger: Sax Cliff Chapman: Keyboards Rick Le Page: Vocals
Dragon Eye Morrison:Adam Hatton Guitar/Vox Paul Hovey Guitar Kyle Bunkin Bass Adam Rockett Drums
Drop Bears:Nick Randall Bass Paul Clark Guitars Paul Scott Guitars Paul Wright Drums Hanna Wicks Vocals
DXTA:Dexter 'Rodney' Krenal, Will 'Krillie' Azeza, Mike 'Muscles' Ray, Rob 'Bear' Walsh, Amba 'Tamba' Abikarran
Dynachords Beat Unit:Vern Rogers Tony Hennen John Jock McLeod Peter Michael and Malcolm Dent
Electric eighty:Stevey Marsh Terry Stretton Neil Gahan
Enochian Theory:Vocals Guitar and Piano Ben HarrisHayes Bass Guitar Shaun Rayment Drums and Percussion Sam Street
Fainites:Chris Perrin: Vocals guitars Steve Bull drums/vocals Harrison Stone guitars/vocals Josh Vest bass.
Fake Empire:Simon Brookes Guitars Synths Programming Engineering and Production Les Black Voice Guitars Lyrics Becky Bellinger Live Drums.
Fantastic Planet:John Smith guitar/vox Mike Barron lead guitar Paul Barron bass and John Warren drums.
Fat Kat: Sammy Gledhill- Vocals & Guitar Antony Watts- Drums Josh Rowe- Bass Guitar and Vocals Fat Katals
Fendertones The:Mark Bowles Danny Rowlands and Dave Williams
FiveXFive 2015:Dean Aldridge guitar Mick Thompson vocals Dave Petley drums Terry Aldridge bass.
Force Four:Martin Jones LeadGuitar/Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals Nik Farminer Bass Guitar Paul Anthony Drums Darren Hemmings Rhythm Guitars/Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals Edd Cole Drums
Forest Floors:Jamie Ski Thomas Clements Aaron Grubb
Four Folds Law:ROSSCO PATRICK Vocals guitar DAN PINNOCK Drums SAMUEL ROGERS Bass ALEX DENHAM Lead Guitar backing vocals
Free from gravity:Vince Barnes Vocals and Rhythm Guitar Phil Estell Drums Andy Stratford Bass Roger Cooper Lead Guitar Urszula Filipowicz Keyboards and Backing vocals.
Fresh Legs:Thomas Karlos Carl Ellalou
FRITZ:Bernie Fox Drums Gary "Weebil" Webb lead guitar Keith Russell Bass Alan Dominey vocals/guitar Barry Lines guitar.
Generators The 2013:Carl Rixon Ron Gibson Shirley Morris Kevin McManus and Malc Worthy
Georgia Wonder:Stephanie Grant Julian Moore
Gloria's The:Andy Cornish Nish Bass Gez vox Den Barry drums Mark Rogers guitar Bill Gaynor guitar.
Going Back:BERNIE MORLEY 6-12 string guitar/lead vocals/harmony DAVE NEVILLE 6-12 string guitar/lead vocals/harmony
MARTIN NEVILLE 4-5 string bass/lead vocals/harmony DANNY ROWLANDS drums/backing vocals
Great Sultans The:James Wood Vocals Dan Nash Drums Benn Gunn Bass Harry Alexander Guitar
Paul Groovy & The Pop Art Experience:Tone E bass, Jane Hornet drums, Joanne Irwin drums, Stephen Clarke guitar/backing, Paul Groovy vocals/harmonica.
Gutbucket and Camelfoot:Arnold Gutbucket
Hallan:Conor Vocals Guitar Bass Drums Keys Josh R Guitar/Vox Josh T Bass/Vox Adam Drums
Handle with Care 2007:David Holder John Lowin Me Les Bond Derek Miles
Hat Trick 2012:Chris Hughes drums Ron Hughes guitar Nigel Baker bass
Hazzard County:Al vocals and guitar Dave Vocals and guitar Ricky Backer Bass & stern looks George Tubbs drums/backing vocals.
Hollowed Hour:Vocals/Rhythm Guitar James Westerman Lead Guitar Brad McNaught Bass Calum Alexander Drums/Vocals Kayleigh Thomas
Hometown Show:Matthew Harrison - Guitar/Vocals, Amy Louise Sladden - Vocals, Joshua Hibberd - Bass, Trevor Thwaites - Harmonica
Horseflies:Mike James Matt Horn Dan Bush Joe Watson.
Hourglass: Matt Cobb - Guitar and backing vocals Chloe Dixon - Vocals
Is Bliss:Jimmy Stuart Dean Edwards Sam Speakman.
Isthison:Terry Burbridge guitar Karen Fisher drums Helen Harlow keyboard and Paul Ellis bass.
Italian Job The:Danny Russ Ace Ivan.
Izerras The:Jeff Kimber Vocals Guitar Leigh Heath Lead Guitar Vocals Graham Simmons Bass Guitar Vocals Steve "Will" Underhill Drums Percussion Declan Moore Keyboards Vocals.
Jammers: Chris Horn - Drums and Vocals, Shaun Tribbeck - lead Guitar and vocals . Carl "nox" Lennox on Bass and Backing Vocals . Dave Rees on main Vocals , rhythm and acoustic Guitar .
J A R H:Riley Hawley Holly Barnett Jacob Simmons & Albert Trevellick
Jackdaw Train:lIan Greening Upright Bass Vocals Max Eddleston Acoustic and Electric Guitars Mandolin Mandocello Bouzouki and Vocals Mel Maloney Fiddle and Vocals James Dyer Lead Vocals and Guitars James George Guitars and Vocals.
Jaspers The:Paul Masters lead Tony Chipps drums Mark Rogers vocals James Maidment rhythm Alan Blow bass.
Joe Sillence Band:Joe Sillence Guitar/Vocals Jay Price: Lead Guitar/Vocals Richard Strange: Piano/keys Dave Snell Bass Starkk Night: Drums.
Kassassin Street:Rowan Bastable Nathan Hill Ryan Hill Andy Hurst andTom Wells.
Kaz Baas The:Nev Wheeler Guitar Phil Howard Keys and Vocals Sue Bailey Vocals percussion and sax Phil Briggs Drums John Bailey Sax Alan Irwin Trumpet harp Peter Rhodes Trombone Ron Baker Bass and vocals.
Kill Em Dead Cowboy:Olie Drums James Guitar Robbie Guitar Sam Vocals Brady Bass
Kingz of Leon:George Ball Mike Ruck Colin Morby Darren Jesse James
Kneeslider:Lee "Beanz" Hines Vocals Harley Guitar Alan Drums Gary Bass.
Kodiak Jack:Bryn Vocals Jeff Lead Guitar Jon Rhythm Guitar/Lead Guitar/Vocals/General Modesty Kev Bass Keiran Drums
KOMARO:Dave JP Ben Chris
Large Little Band The:Matt Little Lisa Barron Alex Stack and Graham Large.
Lauren & The Heatwaves:Lauren Stanley Drummer: Tony Chipps Guitarist: Chris Pitt Base Player: Tony White Backing Singer: Yena Fadaka Keys: Renes Bbw.
Le Plat Du Jour:Tallie Kane Guitar Voice Words Higgy violin clarinet banjo
Limited S:John Summerfield Lead Vocals/Guitar. Keith Summerfield Drums / vocals. Ian Campbell Bass guitar/vocals.
Lionels The:Richard Brett bass Rick Limburn lead guitar Steve Duffy drums and Steve Altham guitar/vocals.
Little Boogie Woogie Band:Matt Little Bernie Fox Andrew Gent & Paul
Lost star Souls:Alex Penfold Vocals Pete Springfield Bass: Stuart McClenan Drums Andrew Tomlin Tom Guitar Mark Lawrence Alto Saxophone Barry Sparkes Tenor Saxophone Emma Reid vocals
Lucky 13:Ella Payne vocals/guitar Fraser lead guitar George bass guitar Oliver drums
M27s: Richard Poate - Bass Vocals Colette Macdermott - Guitar - Vocals Jonny Bell- Lead Guitar - Vocals Darren Humby- Rhythm Guitar - Vocals Jeff Evans - Percussion.
Mafia:Pete Drums vocals Ritchie Lead guitar vocals Terry Bass guitar vocals Steve Lead vocals Jamie Guitar vocals
Mama Belle:Karla Vocals Chris Drums Stu Guitar Robin Bass.
Mark Handley and The Bone Idols:Mark Handley rhythm Guitar/ Vocals Simon Stephens Lead Guitar Bob Croxford Keyboards Tony Storey Bass Paul Roebuck Drums
Mayfield Studios House Band: Gloria Miller Vox, Marlene Hill Vox, Chloe Dixon Vox, Dominic Elton Keys, Frankie Lewis Guitar, Dan Sawyers Bass, John Hill Trombone, Olgierd Koszlaga Sax, Matt Tarrant Trumpet.
Megan Linford band:Megan Linford Charles Harris Jack Beech Kris Walden
Melt Dunes:J.E Unknown C.W Unknown J.T Unknown A.B Unknown
Men From Montgomery 2017:Gary O'Donnell Vox Matt Little Piano Karl Rudziak. Gtr Robin Vick Bass Bernie Fox Drums Gary Shaw Gtr/Production Tony Farinha guitar
Midnight Beat:Clark Robertson Lead Vocals Guitar Keyboards. Steve Will Underhill Drums Percussion. Graham Simmons Bass Guitar Vocals. Calum Alexander Keyboards. Leigh Heath Guitar Vocals.
Midnight Sun:Clive Trimby vocals Martin Mystery guitar Dave Riddle keyboards Frank Dymore drums Dave Arthur bass.
Misgivings:Ollie Richardson guitar/vox William Pearce guitar/vox Joe Anderson bass Rob Day Drums
Mista Messy:The Judge lead vocals/acoustic guitar/percussion/master of ceremonies Krispy lead vocals/percussion Papa Nigel guitars/vocals Stu DaFunk bass Cap't Pete drums
Mix-Tape:Ash drums, Callum keyboards, Hedger bass, Rob guitar/vocals, Steve guitar/vocals/percussion, Tash vocals/saxophone, Will vocals/percussion.
Model Village 2003/12:Jason Knight vocals Ben Shams Drums Billy Rimmer Bass: Steve Baker Rhythm Guitar: Daniel Williams Lead Guitar
Mojo Filters The:Al Harris Vocals and guitar Ian Jamieson Lead guitar Tom Gibson Bass & Keys Dan Fiford Drums.
Moore Browne Wales:DAVE MOORE guitar DAVE WALES sax flute keyboard CHERIE FLYNN vocals flute keyboard MAT HASKER keyboard VIC CROWLEY bass STEVE MASTERS drums.
Mokus: Chas Old Guitars & Vocals, Keith Shilcock Bass Guitar/Vocals, Dave Mussell Keyboard/Vocals, Ray Lucking Percussion & Vocals, David Cairns (DC) Drums
Mr Clean sounds of The Jam:Dave Fletcher guitar & vocals Steve Humby drums & vocals Andy 'Shaggy' Newcombe bass & vocals
Mr.Mountain: Dave Maffey - Vocals, Guitar, Slide & Harmonica Alex King - Guitar Ned King – Drums Marcel Hone – Bass Charlie Davison – Vocals Richard Walker - Organ & Saxophone
Nemesis:Dean Elkins Lead Vocals Marc Elkins Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals Steven Elkins Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals Remmy Davenport Drums
New Party Collective The:Ella Darmanin Vocals Kieran Young Trumpet Ken WhartonEmms Alto Saxophone James Tildsley Tenor Saxophone Patrick Coppins/Neil Brownless Trombone Jacob Willoughby Keyboard James Miles Drums John Mason Bass Guitar
New Shoes:Elliot Shulman Lead Vocals and Guitar Connor Jezard Guitar and Backup Vocals Marcus Rance Bass Guitar. Andrew Newman Drums.
Night of Treason:Pinky vox Pat Gilbert guitar Jon Wheeler Bass Shave drums Bill Gaynor guitar.
NineNinetyNines:Ash Till Vocals and Rhythm Carlos Topliss Lead Pat Woodman Bass Mark Holloway Drums
No Name band 2015 The:Dave Houghton Barry Lines Jim Berry Phil Campbell Jackie Lynton
Noise next Door The:triplets Craig Sutton Scott Sutton Ed Sutton
Nothin' Yet:Alan Christams Nigel Hoar Lloyd Longland Mick McGuigan Glenn Collins
Old Boy Network The:Bernie Fox Steve Hampton George Allen and Robbie Dwyer.
Omar Baba:Brandon Lebbie Archie Watts Sam Oliver Reuben Nottage Louis Barrett
Pairie Moon:Phil Roberts Linda Roberts Rob Smith and Derek Ray formerly know as Neon Park
Parallel Lines:Teresa Lyford - Lead Vocals Tom Wilkinson - Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals Nigel Baker- Bass Steve Turner - Drums/Percussion
Peach and The New Beats:Hayley Alker vocalist songwriter and pianist. Gary Shaw guitarist songwriter Jon Callender drummer Cliff Chapman keys Paul Smith guitarist.
Plans The:Stuart Ingham Vocal and Guitar Tom Powell Guitar Buddy Davies Drums Nathan Taylor Bass Guitar
Polarity:Dean Hall Drums Backing Vocals Alex Bates Guitar Ben Ladd Bass Backing Vocals Kevin May Guitar Backing Vocals Sam O'Leary Lead Vocals.
Pop Pickers:Rod Hack Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals Ian Templeton Lead Guitar & Vocals Graham Day Bass guitar & Vocals David Eames Drums. Ron Gear Lead Vocals Robbie Clarke Drums.
Popobawa:Ollie Hawkins Sam McNeilly Steve Walker
Portsmouth Shantymen:Pete Luscombe Nick Gough Pete Wilkinson and John Lansley
Portsmouth Shantymen:Pete Luscombe Nick Gough Pete Wilkinson and John Lansley
Prime Time:Sharon Hek Vocals Rustyn George Guitar/Vocals Roger Cooper Guitar Andy Stratford Bass Tony Chipps Drums/Percussion.
Punk Pirates The:Dave Hickey vox Dirty dick aka Alfie Atkins axman one eyed willy aka Robbie Dwyer bass black dog aka Dave Marsh thumping the tubs
Reactor 1:John Seymour Rob Green Trevor Broad Alex Cooper.
Reet Petite and Gone 2014:Dave Allen, Denis Reeve Baker, Nick Evans and Stewart Carr
Rems The:Steve Lympany Guitar/Vocals Steve bodge Duffield Bass Pete Hutchinson Drums.
Retro Beats The:Dean Tricker Vocals Anthony Freeman Guitar & Vocals Vernon Grech Bass Guitar & Vocals Ray Tricker Percussion & Vocals
Revive:Esther Veal Vocals/Guitar Steve Spilsbury Vocals/Percusion Stuart Keyboards/Acc Guitar/Vocals
Rhythm City Six:Donna Saunders Vocals Gary Anderson Vocals Simon New Guitar Mike Trickey Rhythm Guitar Callum Wake Drums Leyton Higgins Bass Guitar.
Ricky:Jim Lines Guy Gyngell Gary Rex Darren Richardson Gordon Mills
Ricky Eastman Quartet:Ricky Eastman saxes Jamey Macalister Bass Tim Pepper drums Dan Franks guitar
Rock Bottom:Mark Lewis guitar/vocals Simon Nightingale bass/vocals Joe Barber drums/vocals Adam Knight guitar.
Rock – A – Toons: 2015 Adie Bishop lead vocals/guitar Wayne bass Ken guitar/vocals Steve drums Miranda sax/tambourine/maracas
Rock'n'Roll Daze:Matt Latter Steve Roux Gary O'Donnell Dave Glover Peter Patterson Leslie D. Black
Rock of the pops:Shannon Unknown Matt Unknown: Henry Unknown Louis Unknown
Room Three Jack:Hoey Ollie Hutton Riley Mallon.
Roxy:Simon Little on guitar Gavin Little on drums Karen Little on bass/vocals.
Ruby and The Renegades 2014:Don Golding Marc Tuddenham Alf Pink Ruth 'Ruby' Furley and Melvin Cobbett.
Sad Palace:Matthew Owen Louis and Dan.
Same Difference:Sam Smith Sarah Smith
Scarlet Town:Sue Dobbyn clarinet/violin Sue Ryder-Morgan flue Dave Allen vocals/harmonica Nick Evans mandolin/Hawaiian/lap steel Denis ReeveBaker guitar/vocals
Seething Akira:Kit Conrad Vocals Charlie Bowes Vocals/Synths/Producer/Writer Stu Radcliffe Drums Richard Ellis Bass.
SemiTones The:. Dean Sumner Lead Vocals / Harmonica: Mark Curtis Guitar / Vocals: Duncan Baxter Piano:: Phil Turnbull Bass / Vocals Pete Light Drums / Vocals
Shake Rattle and Bones:Kenny drums/ vocals Phil vocals/rythmn guitar Reg vocals/lead guitar Phil m bass/vocals.
Shoot The duke:Neil guitar Wiggsie drums Tom vocals/guitar
Shutka Champions: Dean Clarke - Vocals/Bass/Guitar/Omnichord James Barber - Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drums Neil Carter - Vocals/Guitar/Bass Richard Wiczkowski Vocals/Crumar/Harmonium/Guitar/Bass Jonny Callender -Vocals/Drums/Programming Micah Stafford -Bass
Ska Dogs:Rich Sharp - Guitar, Wayne Kannesssaa - Singer, Steve Moody - Trumpet, Del Stevenson -Guitar, Derek Deadman - Bass Guitar, Dan Barrow - Drums, Tom Vamos - Keys, Matt Carless- Trombone, Andy Aikman Saxophone
Slippery Jack:STEVE CLARKE lead vocals/harmonica GEORGE GREAVES backing Vocals/Rhythm & Lead Guitar JESS LEWIS backing vocals/Bass Guitar JEFF KEABLE drums.
Smiley Campbell Band The:Smiley Campbell Vocals Liam Robins Lead Guitar Matt Haskett Guitar James Scott Bass Ben Yssslemuiden Keys Dave West Drummer.
Something for the weekend:Nic Hug Rob Richardson Chris Hughes and Tony Gilson.
Something for the weekend:Nick Hug vocals gob iron keyboards "fingers" Dave Gilson guitar Big Tony Gilson bass Chris Hughes drums "Rainbow" Rob Richardson sax keyboards flute clarinet
Sorted: Andy & Andy
Soul Patch:Zach Blues lead guitar vocals harmonica Mick Fielder drums Matt Charman bass guitar/vocals
South Coast Collective:Andy Booth, Ryan Hill, Nathan Hill
Souther Dance Orchestra The:trumpet Laurence Reid trumpet Martyn Loake trombone John Mason trombone Paul Southwood Baritone saxophone Janet Turner tenor/ alto sax Alyson Copeland tenor sax Brian Wilson on tenor sax.
The Southsea Belles :Sarah Unknown, Katy Unknown, Lauren Unknown
Sprynter:Mick Bradley R Guitar. Cheryl Turner Bass Deano Triche Vox Adrian Dalley Drums Kelley Crocker Vox Keith Elshaw Keys Tim Wallace L Guitar.
Squinty McGinty:Chris Lowe Angela ClancyMartin and Chris Bousher Stu Reed Fiddle/Vocals Max Lanchbury Accordion Susan Penny Vocals Gill Tolliday Fiddle/Accordion Mandy Westwood Accordion Nigel Barrel Caller/Drummer Pete Atkinson Caller Charles Haskell Caller Gill Tolliday Fiddle/Accordion Janet Beale Accordion Chris Mulvey Caller Ludwig Drummer
Squinty McGinty:Chris Lowe Angela ClancyMartin and Chris Bousher Stu Reed Fiddle / Vocals Max Lanchbury Accordion Susan Penny Vocals Gill Tolliday Fiddle / Accordion Mandy Westwood Accordion Nigel Barrel Caller / Drummer Pete Atkinson Caller Charles Haskell Caller Gill Tolliday Fiddle / Accordion Janet Beale Accordion Chris Mulvey Caller Ludwig Drummer.
Stan Bennett Trio 2014 The:Tony Carter sax Stan Bennett piano Malcolm Parrott bass Jo Baker vocals.
Startled Monkeys The:Sarah Clapcott Vocals Jack Elshaw Guitar/ukulele Keith Elshaw Keyboards/harmonica/ ukulele Gary Elshaw Bass Alix King drums/ percussion.
Stayawakes The:Andrew Ricks David Pryce PJ Foulk Jimmy Cooper Steven J Hart.
Steve Young Band The:Steve Stef Paul Rick
Stolen:Beau Diakowicz guitars Errol Meader drums Adam Brown guitars Sam Hoar lead singer
Strange Death of Liberal England The:William Charlton Guitar Drums Backing Vocals Kelly Jones Bass Backing Vocals Andrew Summerly Drums Backing Vocals Summerly left in early 2010 and was replaced on drums by David Lindsay Adam Woolway Guitar Main Vocals Andrew Wright Glockenspiel Percussion Backing vocals.
Strumdiddlyumptious:Andy Ukulele Sarah Ukulele Bruce Ukulele Seb Ukulele Jon Ukulele Sam special rhythmic bones Mark Ukulele Doug Ukulele.
Targets The:Patch Collins Richie Wright Rich Bloor Pete Stubbings Darren Richardson
Teed Up:Steve Roux guitar/vocals Ray Drury keyboards Steve Browning bass and Bernie Fox drums
Thee DB3:Craig Boyd Bass/ Lead Vox Mr. Danny 'O' Guitar/BVs Mr. Andy Morris Drums
Three Belles The:Betty Gail and Dorothy
Time Effect:Louis Howells Gareth Howells Dillon Hughes
Timeless:Lindsey Bonnick Lauren Potter Chloe Shipman
TomKatz:Marc Tuddenham Rod Watts Pete Jackson and Will Stoker
Torpedoes:Razor Guitars/Vocals Wolfie Bass Benny Guitars/Vocals Elvis Drums/Percussion
Trevor John Band The:Trevor John Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitarist Trevor Parsons Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals Dave Warwick Bass Martin Meads Drums.
Trouble County:Julian Holman vocals guitars Mark Penton bass backing vocals JD rocker drums backing vocals
TS & The Young Blades:Mark Thompson Smith vocals Tim Hills guitar Mark Smith guitar Olly Browning bass/guitar Matt Purkiss bass Jack Cotton drums Russell Winston Ford drums Ben Corner David Bartlett
Tuxedo Junction:Marc Tuddenham Rod Watts Pete Jackson Dave Browne
The Undergroundhogs: Cliff Charter - Guitar/Lead Vocal Mervyn Purviss - Guitar Rick Anderton - Drums Chuck Tenners - Fretless Bass
Under The Covers:Jenny Vocals Catherine Vocals Jason Bass Steve Drums Paul Guitar
Union King:Peter Bradley lead vocals James Channon guitar Tim Bryant bass Nick Birmingham drums.
Up The beat:Kate Sheridan: Vocals Graham Jones: Lead Guitar Stuart Ward: Bass Guitar Glenn Collins: Drums Russ Johnson: Keys Libby Walmsley: Trumpet Ricky Eastman: Sax.
Veludo Planes:Mike Smith Chris Smith Sam Ollie
Vinals The:Phil and Jodie
Vince is back:Chas Old Guitars Uke & Vocals Tony Sullivan Bass Guitar/Vocals Dave Mussell Keyboard/Vocals Ray Lucking Drums Percussion & Vocals
Vinyl Tap:Nobby Glover drums Mike Creamer guitar Alan Christmas 12 string Nigel Baker bass.
Walker Broard:Sandy Walker Vocals/Piano Andy Broad Guitars Simon Tufnail Fretless Bass Alan "Blackie" Blackmore Cajon
Wasting Arrows:Stuart Hunt Vocals/Guitar Paul Bailey Lead Guitar/vocals Tom Hopkins Bass Lewis Cockett Drums.
Westside Blues Band:Andy Broad guitar/vocals Tim Nowell bass Barry Leaney harmonica Tim Peters drums
Who's Who:Gary O'Donnell Vox Pete Dixon Gtr Paul Kemp Drums Terry Wyatt Bass Tom BillingtonVocals Justin Harris Guitar. Phil McArdle Perth Philharmonic Violin Barry WholiganVocals John Marter Drums Paul Dutch Alan HollandsDrums.
Wickid Grin:Terry Cottrell lead guitar Steve Tuffnell. rhythm guitar
Wish we were Pink Floyd:Bill: Drums/Vox Cliff: Keyboards Franz: Bass/Vox Merv: Guitar/Vox Steve: Guitar/Vox Mick & Rose: Live Sound.
You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons:Steve Hanby Guitar Ryan Howarth Drums Richie Troughton bass/vox Thomas James Archibald Bone guitar

Other know bands

Back To Valhalla,
Big Rock,
Brother Albert,
Delphic Oracle,
Dr Rock,
Finnigans Wake,
Freed Spirit,
GRIT band,
Groove Monster,

Groove Star,
Katie Owen,
LA Tour,
Le Freak,
Leigh Mary Stokes,
Life O'Riley,

Mucky Fingers,
Old Sckool,
One 4 Road,
Rapid Tranq,
Rusty Strings,
Sensational Debbie C,
Three 4 A Girl,
Up Beat.

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