Final Groups

The Portsmouth Music Scene

There may be gaps, missing names and no doubt mistakes - we would welcome further contributions to improve the record.
“Groups” refers specifically to those playing pop, beat, rhythm & blues, soul and rock music, broadly utilising amplified guitars and drums plus in some cases, other instruments.
It does not include jazz, folk, danceband. Our aim is to include any group from/based in the Portsmouth area that made at least one public performance.

Mick Cooper ( & Dave Allen (
Key to Instruments:
* = Stage Name, V = Vocals, G = Guitar, O = Organ
LG = Lead Guitar, BG = Bass Guitar, SB = String Bass, Vio-Violin/fiddle
K=Keyboards, D = Drums, S = Sax/Woodwind, BS = Baritone Sax, TS = Tenor Sax.
Tr = Trumpet, H = Harmonica, Vib = Vibraphone, RG = Rhythm Guitar.


Group name order

ABSENCE: Formerly EXP and In Grandma’s Absence, Eddie Bance (V), Colin Wagg (V), John Roberts (LG), Nigel Mills (LG), Andy Mills (D).
ACADEMY: Marc Tuddenham (G/V), Graham Barnes (BG), Rod Watts (K), Graham Hunt (D). Mid 60s
AUBREY SMALL: Alan Christmas (V/G), Pete Pinckney (G/V), Rod Taylor (K/V), Dave Yearley (BG), Graham Hunt (D). Late 60s/Early 70s
AVENGERS: Gerard Orzabal (BG), Gerry Elmes (V), Paul Russell (D), Mick Eveleigh (G).
BARRY & STROLLERS: Barry Gladding (V), Barry Fowler (G), Colin Wood (BG) replaced by Dave Gladding (BG), Pete Connor (G), Richard Baker (D), Dave Mussell (K), Barry Shute (D), Bernie Morley(LG), Terry Bragg. Mid 60s
BARRY & the ZODIACS: Barry Davis (V), Gerry Chandler (G), Archie Chandler (G), Mick Primett (BG), Dave Pittard (D). 1963/4
BILLY STORM & the STORMRIDERS: Billy Storm (Bertrand Parker - V), Colin Quaintance, Barry Roberts (G), Terry Bragg, Colin Wilkinson (BG), George East (G), Percy Hall,. Percy Buck, Johnny Witt (D). Early 60s
BIPEDS: Don Lane (V), Brian Barons (LG), Dave Bradley (G), Geoff Davies (BG), Peter Masterton (D). Mid 60s
BIRTH: Barry Sutton (G), Pat Collins (BG), Bill Darling (D), Colin Simpson (G).
BLACKOUT: Kev Gilson (V/G/S/K) , Dave Gilson(G/T/V), Tony Gilson (BG/V), Bill Carlton (G), John McLeod (K/V), John Jenkins (D/V). Mid 60s – became Gold Dust and then became Smiling Hard
BLUES CONVENTION:Bob Pearce (V/G), Denny Barnes (G), Dave Arthur (BG) replaced by Nigel baker (BG), Bernie Fox (D). Late 60s
BONDSMEN: Brian Robbins (G), Barry Kidd (LG/V), Kenny and Alan were bass and drums
BROTHER BLUE: Jeanette Tupper vocals/harmonica, Geoff Peters lead guitar, Roger Hughes drums Pete bass, Adrian rythm guitar
BROTHERS SCARLETT: Dave Diapes (LG), Harry Diapes (G), Brian Diapes (BG), Bert Diapes (D). For a time they were the Brothers Scarlett plus vocalists Gary (Alan Knight) & Lee (Derek Knight). Gary & Lee left mid-60s and the group continued.
BRYAN HUG FRATERNITY: Bryan Hug (V), Roger Frampton (K)
CADILLACS: Merv Skidmore (V) replaced by Ricky Silver (Jimmy Stafford – V), Colin Quaintance (G), Patrick Green (G), Colin Wood (BG) replaced by Keith Milton (BG), Bryan Hatchard (D). 1957-1962.
CASUALS: , Stuart Muggridge (V), Brian Muggridge (V), Alf Grainger (V) 1959-1968. later the FREEMERN
CELLARMEN: , Graham Harkin(G), Richard Martin(G),Billy Ray (D) Ray James(BG), mid 1960s
CHALK FARM: late 60s
CHALLENGERS: Arthur Potts (V/H), replaced by Hughie Colgan(V), Roger Pattison(LG), John Bowes (BG), Chris Pearcy (G), Brian davey (D). Mid 60s
CHAPTER SIX: Pete Bugg (V/G), Dave PittardV
CHARADES: Steve Parkhurst (D), Barry Dyer (LG), Mick Clarke (BG), Pete Kidby (RG).
CHERRY SMASH: Bryan Hug (V), Mick Gill (G) replaced by Mark Tuddenham (G), John Curtis (BG), Graham Hunt (D). Late 60s.
CHICAGO’S INSOLENCE: Colin Dowsett (G/V), Ed Barber (D) may have been replaced by Pete Duman (D). Late 60s.
CHRIS RYDER & the SOUTHERN SOUNDS: Chris Ryder (V), Dave ‘Digger’ Hart (G), Colin ‘Christian’/Quaintance (G), Dave Field (BG), Pete St Clair (D). Early 60s.
CLASSICS: Paul Spooner (V), Ian Grant (Ian Duck) (LG), Peter O’Flaherty (BG), Tony Ransley (D), Lenny Woods (V/RG), Simon Clifford (K), Peter Jenkins (V), Don Bonsworth (V). 1963-1965.
COASTLINERS: Bob Downs (G), Mick McGuigan (BG), Alan Williams (D). Mid 60s.
COCONUT MUSHROOM: Colin Carter (V), John Clark (G) replaced by Barry Paul (G), Roger Griffin (G), Graham Barnes (BG) replaced by Mick McGuigan (BG) Mick Feat (BG), Terry Threadingham (D), Nigel Slidell-Hammond organ. Name changed to Mushroom. Late 60s
COMBINE: – 1967
CONCHORDS: Phil Freeman (V), Stuart Ward (LG), John Davis (G), Doug Chalmers (BG), Graham Parker (D), John Pratt/DuPret (D) . Mid 60s, became Soul Society.
CONFIDENTIALS: Roger Courtnell (V), Chris Farrow (LG), John Amos (G), Martyn Neale (G?), Ron Coward (D). Early 60s.
COUNTRY JAM: Jim Lush (V), Trevor Smith(G), Graham Mc Keon (K), Pat Collins (BG), Bill Darling (D)1969/70
CRESCENDOS: Dave Alesbury (V), Dave Whitt, Graham ?, Chris Vincent, Brian Harriman early 1960s
CRESTAS: Frank Kelly (V), Chris Ryder (V), Lynn Orchard (Lynn Appleton - V), Dave Field (BG), Tony Hutchins (G), Gill Hutchins (G), Bob Hammond (D). Late 50s- early 60s.
CROW: Chris Ryder (V), John Crow (S), John Williams (LG), Bernie Williams (BG), Graham Hunt (D). Formed from J Crow Combo – Mid 60s.
CRUSADERS: Joan Lyons (V), Michael Roche (V), Trevor Dawson (LG), Richard Roche (BG), Brian Bicknell (D). Early 60s. See also Federals ref Bicknell (?)
DARK ANGELS RHYTHM GROUP: Pete Welch (LG), Geoff Lamb (G), Kevin Timms (BG), Steve Gold (D). 1963/4.
DAVE HART COMBO: Dave “Digger” Hart (G/V)
DAWN: Phil Freeman (V), John Davis (S), Pete Bugg (V/G), Mick Feat (BG), Dave Pittard (D).
DEAR RACHEL: Paul Lundquist (V) Alan Slack (GV) Ian Harner (D), Neil Plunkett. (LG) Dave Knight (BG). Previously Riverside Blues Band, later became Truth.
DEMONS SKIFFLE GROUP: Paddy Pead, John Offer, Derek Turner, Norman Allen
DENNY BERNARD COMBO: Paul Good (BG), Bernard Browning (S), Denny Putnam (Tr), Ray Fisher (O) and Fred Illingworth (D).
DIPLOMATS: Geoff McKeon (LG), Keith Francis (G) replaced by Tony Smith (G), Colin Wilkinson (BG), Bob Harrigan (D) replaced by Terry Wiseman (D). Originally an instrumental quartet until vocalist Mike Devon (Mike Beacon) joined. They became Mike Devon & the Diplomats. Mike joined Arthur Ward in late 1964.
DRAGONFLY: Dave Upton(V), Terry Holland(LG), Mark Lundquist(RG), Garry Twigg(BG), John Upton(D), Clive Rectall(Vio).
DYNACHORDS: Don Bonzer (V), Adrian (Ade) Bartholomew (LG), Vern Rogers (RG/V), Jock McCleod (BG), Tony Hennen (D).
DYNAMOS: Marc Tuddenham aka Marc James (G/V) replaced by Steve Stevenson (LG), Don Golding (G) replaced by Roger Barber (V), Terry Bragg (BG), Alfred Pink (D). Early 60s.
EGYPT: Melv Ball (LG/V), Paul Ellis (BG/V), Nigel Slydell (K/V), Steve Grant (D), subsequently Alan Medland (S). Joe Jennings (D) replaced Steve Grant and Paul King Jnr (Dereck Somerville – S) replaced Alan Medland and was then replaced by Bob Hardy (S). Late 60s
ENGLAND: Alan Williams (D). Formerly Magic Roundabout/St Louis Checks.
ESCORTS: Tony Favor (Tony Pollard - V), Bill Leftly (G), Cyril Boniface (BG), Bob Stokes (K), Barry McCormack (S), Robbie Linton (D). Early 60s.
EXP: Eddie Bance (V), Colin Wagg (V), John Roberts (LG), Nigel Mills (LG), Andy Mills (D) Pete Kidby (K). Later became In Grandma's Absense
FEDERALS: Bill Butler (G), Dave Beames (G), Brian Bicknell (BG), Mikki Allen (D). Early 60s. NB see Crusaders ref Bicknell drums (?)
FIVE BY FIVE: Mick Thompson (V), Mick King (D), Brian Kemp (G), Paul Dallas, John Hodgkins replaced by Barry Sutton
FLEETWOODS: Mick Norris (LG) Pete Light (D) Chuck Comdon (G) Tony Stiggles (BG) replaced by Chuck Combden (BG) Syd, 'Shorty' Rogers (V) was replaced with female singer...Lorna?. Early 1960s
FLINTSTONES: Terry Slater (G) joined the Everly Brothers.
FORCE FOUR: Pete Connor (LG), Mick Connor (G), Richard Barrett (BG), Ruben Tyler (D). Mid 60s.
FOR-TUNES: Josie Franklin (Veronica Lake – V), Tony Wyell (Paul Spooner – V) replaced by Ritchie Peters (Peter Richardson – V), Ron Hughes (LG), Dave Cawte (BG), Mick Cooper (K), Ken Hughes (D). Also known as the Original For-Tunes. Early/mid 60s
FRANK KELLY & the HUNTERS: Frank Kelly (V), Tony Hutchins (G), Dave Loney (G), John Randall (BG), Trevor Williamson (D). Early 60s.
FREEMEN: Stuart Muggridge (V), Brian Muggridge (V), Alf Grainger (V) 1959-1968
FRENZY: Mick Russell (V), Jenny Miller (O), Ray Todd (BG) replaced by Mick Gover (BG), Roland Reay (S), Ray King (S), Rick Semark (D) replaced by 'Nobby’ Glover (D), Dave Gautrey (Tr), Ray Baker (LG). Mid 60s became Universal Trash Band.
FROST: Stuart Ward (G), Mick Eveleigh (G/V), Mick Russel (V), Barry Shute(D) – did Barry join Aubrey Small?)
FURYS Colin Skidmore (aka Dale Morris V) replaced by Ann ?, Pete White (LG), Bryan Baker (BG), Ray Baker (RG), Colin Marchant (G), Brian Hare (D), Mid 60s – became Blue Sand, then the Colours
GAUDY DOYLE SET: Tony Targett, Peter Dunn, Jim Hodgett. Mid 60s. Previously and subsequently the Informers
G-BOYS: Became Los Cincos Ricardos
GENERATION: Steve Farrow (G), Roger Tice (B/V), Dave Mussell (K/V) Phil Brigg (D/V), Earlier; Nick Hug (H/V) Tony Sullivan (G/V). Mid 60s
GOLD DUST: Kev Gilson (V/G/S/K), Dave Gilson, Tony Gilson(BG), John McLeod (K), replaced by Spike Edney (K), Dave Houghton (D). See Blackout, John McLeod stayed on as Stage Manager (Effects, Lighting, Sound Desk etc).
GOOD LIFE: Geoff Cox (G), Phil Thorne(G), Barry Sutton (BG), Rick White (D), Paul Nugent (O).
GREEN MACHINE: Gren Mayes vocals, Barry Kerridge drums, Dave Snelling lead guitar, Ron Snelling rhythm guitar, Alan Bishop bass guitar.
GREEN ONIONS: Ian Nash(D), David Fisher
GROOVY KIND: Eddie ‘Mac’ McCarthy(RG/K/V), Pete McCarthy(BG), Richie Martin (V/LG), Jim Armstrong(D)
HARLEM SOUL BAND: Jon Edwards (V), Pete Gurd (LG), Keith Shilcock (BG), John Lytle (K), Sam Eddings (D). 1967, became Harlem Speakeasy.
HARLEM SPEAKEASY: Jon Edwards (V), Dave Allen (V/S), Keith Shilcock (G), Geoff Gunson (BG), John Lytle (K), Pete Gurd (Tr), Phil Jones (S), Sam Eddings (D). 1967-68. See also Speakeasy.
HAWKLEY FOX: Larry Nicholas (K), Jim Hickey(D), Derek Thirwell (BG). Mid/Late 60's.
HEAVEN: Andy Scarisbrick (G), Brian Kemp (V/BG), Mick Cooper (K), Ray King (S), Ray ‘Ollie’ Holloway (S), ‘Nobby’ Glover (D), Dave Gautrey (Tr). Late 60s. A second version of Heaven emerged in 1970 with King & Glover from this group and John Gordon (Hunters). They released the album Brass Rock (CBS).
HELLIONS:Dave Allaway (RG/V), Dave Hart (LG), Brian Marshall (BG), Joe Farnell (D), Eddie Curtis (V).
HELLSTONES:Gren Mayes vocals, Tom Bailey drums, Richard Braby bass, Ray Baldock lead guitar, Ron rhythm guitar.
HI FI’S: Ron Monger (G), Dave ? (BG – turned pro and toured with Winifred Attwell), Clyde Warren, Tony Bailey (V), Dave Mears (Vibes), Unknown drummer but later Tony Hart (D). Played Savoy, Kimbells, Ricky’s, Fareham, Bognor (Pier), So’ton (Pier), Walton-on-Thames, Chertsey, Guildford and once at 2 I’s, (1957)
HORIZON: Ian Paul (V), Les Pope (D), Steve Smith (G), Mick Hackett (O/V), Nigel Baker (BG)
Late 60's
HOT RODS: Colin Quaintance (G), Colin Wilkinson (BG), George East (G), Bob Harrigan (D) Mike Beacon( aka Devon) (V)
HUSTLERS:Jim Smith drums Roger Heald lead guitar Don Wright rhythm guitar John Brinsmead guitar John Reed vocals Leroy Thwaites vocals
INDIGO MOOD:Ricky Gauntlet (V), Andy Scarisbrick (LG), Brian May (RG & AS), Derek Wickam (S), Pat Collins (BG), Keith Durrant (D).
IMAGE: Phil Freeman (V), Phil Jones (S), Allan Greenslade (BG) replaced by Keith Shilcock (BG), Roy Slyfield (LG/S), Bob Fox (K/RG), Mick Jevins (S) replaced by Alan Medland (S), Marcus Reed (RG/T), Kevin Matthews (D) replaced by Steve Grant. Late 60s
INFORMERS: – from Gaudy Doyle Set. Late 60s, Michael Earl (LG), Malc bailey (G), Derek Pope (BG), Dave Pittard (D)
IN GRANDMA’S ABSENCE:Colin Wagg (G/F/V), John Roberts (LG), Nigel Mills (BG), Eddie Bance (V), Andy Mills (D). Became Absence. Late 60s
IN PULSE: Nik Hug (V), Keith Shilcock (LG), Geoff Gunson (BG), Chris Head (K), John Bott (D). Mid 60s
IN-SEX: – formerly the Latins
INSPIRATION: Colin Carter (V) replaced by Al Golding (V), Dave Clark (G), Pete Tucker (G), Brian Kemp (BG), Roger Tice (BG), Keith Durant (D). Mid/late 60s
JAGUARS: Jim Watts (LG), David Guest (G), Mike Eadie (BG), Mick Lloyd (D). Early 60s
JAMIE’S KIN: Nigel Baker (G), Barry Sutton (G), Pete ?? (BG), Ken Keane (BG), Mick Cooper (K), Cliff Stafford (S), Jim Handley (D). 1966/7
JASON & the ARGONAUTS: Early 60s
JAYS:John Wilson (K/V), Terry Threadingham (D), John Silvester (LG/V)
J CROW COMBO: Mick Snowden (V) replaced by Chris Ryder (V), John Crow (S), Colin ‘Mojo’ Bucket (G), Larry Nicholas (K) replaced by Rufus Stone (K), Graham Hunt (Drums). Mid 60s – briefly became the Crow.
JOHNNIE & the CUTTERS: Dennis Gates (V), Ted Thorne (LG), Mick Reeve (G), Brian Deluchi (BG), John Coates (D). Early 60s
JOHNNIE VANCE AND THE EVERGLADES: Peter Jenkins (V), Dave Diaper (LG), Burt Diaper (D), Harry Diaper (RG) Derek Robson (BG), became Brothers Scarlet
KARL & THE RAPIERS: Karl Wayman (V), Bill Dowling, Ray Shawyer, Geoffrey Pollard, Dave Glasspool, Ken Trivett. Mid 60s
KC’s CONVENTION: Kev Cauvin (V/H), Phil Roberts (LG), Tim Privett (RG), John Taylor (BG), Brian Smith (D), Lee Taber (S).
KLIMAKS: Mick Snowden (V), Mick Rowe (LG), Graham Barnes (BG), Alan Dodds (D).
LACE: Roger Barber (V), Pete Pinckney (G), John Bullock (BG) Dick Ray (D). Late 60s – from Talismen
LEGENDS:: Nigel Baker (RG), Dave Young (BG), Jim Handley (D), Butch [Terry] Moss (G/V) Bob Sorrell (G/H) Dick Burrett (BG), Dave Waller (LG), Paul Horton (D), Mick Thompson (V), Keith Faulkner (V), Pete Cole (BG), Allan Cole (D), Chris Polizuk (G/V), Gerry Elmes (V), Richard Martin (G) 1965, Alex Harding 1965. Mid 60's
LEE’S ANGEL CAKE BAND: Glenn Miller (V), Lee Norice (G), Graham Gordon(BG), Alan Gordon(D), Ian Woodcock (RG), 1966-1968
LEYTONS, The: Bill Edwards, Dave Arthur (BG), Bernie Fox (D), Don Ruttle, Denny Barnes (G), Sid & Jim Kidby and Bob Pearce (V/G) became The TBirds then Bob Pearce and The Blues Convention.
LIMELITES: John Elkington (G), Barrie Sparham (G), Nigel Kennett (BG), Ricky Semark (D). Early 60s
THE LIQUEUR:David Fisher
JOHNIE LITTLE and the SAN PEDRO FOUR: James Foy (BG), John Tomney (V)
LORD MAURICE GROUP: Nigel Baker(BG), Butch [Terry] Moss (G/V), Peter Forrester (V) Fritz [Brian] Carter (D), Mick Hackett (O/V) Late 60's
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT: See England/St Louis Checks. Late 60s
MANFRED MANN: Paul Jones (Paul Pond) - (V/H), Mike Vickers (G/S), Dave Richmond (BG) replaced by Tom McGuiness (BG),
Manfred Mann (K), Mike Hugg (Hug – D/Vib). Jones replaced by Mike D’Abo. Hit records from 1963.
MARK BARRY FOUR: Barry Fowler (G), Steve Stevenson (LG), Peter Hicks (BG), Jeff Smith (D), Barry Kidd, Terry Rann 1965.
MEMPHIS FOUR:Ray Baker (RG), Colin Broom (LG), John Stanton (V)
METEORS UK: Stan Stagg (V), Brian Young (G), Ray Todd (BG), Chris Farrow (LG), George Young (D), Mid 60s.
The Meteors UK, version two, Pete White (G), Bryan Baker(BG), Ray Baker (G), Stuart Savage(?????)(D)
MICK GLOVER COMBO: Mike Glover (V/G), Steve Stevenson (G), Tony Seall (BG/DB), Alan Songhurst (D). Late 50s/early 60s. Also Mick Glover Quartet
MIDNITERS (1): Mick Norris (LG), Brian Deluchi (BG), Bob Hense (RG), Barry ???? (D), Sid Hall (Shorty Rogers) (V), John Watts (Johnny Rocco) (V), Lorna ???? (V), Theresa Halkides (known as Dot) (V) they became the Fleetwoods.
MIRKWOOD: Pete Bugg (V/G), Rick Buckingham (BG). Late 60s
MOMENTS: Arthur Potts (V), Mick Watts (G), Rod Watts (K), Pete Hackett (BG), Buddy Purves (D). Mid 60s
MONK: subsequently Zeo Zigg: Arthur Stevens (LG), Malcolm McInnes (V/RG), Terry Stevens (BG), Geoff Collinge (D), Tony Troy (K). Spike Edney played BG at one point with Zeo Zigg (1967)
MOOD:Steve Wyllie (K), Pete Crew (LV/G), Steve Phillips (G), Steve Mitchell (D) (replaced by John Lines (D)), Fran Galloway (V) (replaced by Dave Hill (BG))
Ken Cornish (V), Roger Reynolds (LG), Dave Atkins (RG), Pat Collins (BG), Peter Roadnight (D).
MOONRAKERS: Pete Kidby (G), Pete Hackett (BG), Buddy Purves (D).
MORGAN’S CAMEL TRAIN: Ken Cornish (V), John Clark (G), Mick Legg (BG), John Pratt/DuPret(D) replaced by Robbie Clarke (D). Mid 60s
MUSTANGS: Alan Clarke (BG), Eddie Collinson (D), Keith Boyes, Mike Kimber, Tony Nabarro (G), Gary ???, John ??? (V).
NIGHTRIDERS::Dave Allaway (RG/V), Dave Hart (LG), Brian Marshall (BG), Joe Farnell (D). (Became the Hellions)
OUTER LIMITS: Trevor Price (LG), Norton Davis (BG), John Wilson (K), Richard Baker (D), John Shepherd (D). Mid 60s
PAPER: John Gordon (BG), Ken Durrow (D), Barry Paul, Terry Scott. Late 1960's
PARAMOUNTS: David Loney (LG), John Randall (BG), Trevor Williamson (D), Barry Monkcom(D), Tony Ransley(D). At various times also featured vocalists Gary & Lee (see Brothers Scarlett) and Johnny Rocco(Johnny Watts), and Frank Kelly. Early 60s
PARKAS: John Summerfield (G/V), Robb ? (BG), Keith Summerfield (D). Late 60s –still playing as Limited S
PETE STROLLER & the DRIFTERS: Pete Stroller (V), Steve Stevenson (LG), Peter Hicks (BG – made by Mick Glover), Tony Elliot (RG), Jeff Smith (D). Pete and Tony left and Barry Gladding joined. (1962-1965) Did Pete Stroller join Jack Hawkins? – became the Mark Barry Four,
PEVENSEY BROWNE MELON:Chris Hardcastle (V/LG), Roger Salvetti (BG), Nick Bavin (D), Mike Durkee (?), Steve ? (?), Phil ? (?) Kelvin Jones (V?) Keef Justice & Rosie Szepanski (Lightshow) Late 60s
PHANTOMS: Stephen Hearn (V), Tony Smith (LG), Brian Davis (G), John Bullock (BG), Paul Beaumont (D). Early 60s.
PLAGUE: John Curtis (G?), Rod Watts (K), Doug Chalmers (BG), John Pratt/DuPret (D). Mid 60s.
PLAYBOYS: Jim Watts (G), Billy Jones (D), John Gomesall (BG)
POOR PEOPLE: Pete Kidby (G), Rich Colley (G), Mick Legg (BG), Dave Slaughter (D). Mid 60s
RAMBLERS: Terry Robinson drums Bob Knighton vocals lead guitarist, Alan Scranton bass guitarist Dave Harris
RAMPANT: Ritchie Peters (Peter Richardson - V), Ron Hughes (LG), Dave Cawte (BG) replaced by Don Golding (BG), Mick Cooper (K), Ken Hughes (D).
REMAINS: Steve Farrow (G), Bob Rose (BG)
RENEGADES: Danny Raven (David Boltwood – V), Marc Tuddenham (G/V), Colin Wood (BG), Don Golding (G/V), Petet Light (D), replaced by Tony Dawes (D)
RESONNETTES: Ken Trivett bass/accordion Dave Glasspool pianio Ray Shawyer guitar, Bill Bowling guitar, Godfrey Pollard drums Wayman ‘Pru’ Barney vocals
RISING SONS: Ian Sievwright (G), Graham Gordon (BG), Alan Gordon (D), Ian Woodcock (G) pre-1966
RIVALS: Ron Rickwood (Ricky Dean) (V), Rod Watts (LG), Tony Alton (G), Mick Wallis (G/V), Fred Wildsmith (BG), Roy Wells (D). Early 60s. A second, different version of the group began in the mid 60s with Grenville Mayes (V/G) and he still performs today as the Rivals.
RIVENDELL: Steve Woodhead (V), Late 60s
RIVERSIDE BLUES BAND: Colin Dowsett (G), Dave Knight (BG), Ed Barber (D) replaced by Paul Sevier (D), Neil Plunkett(LG), Alan Slack (GV) Ian Harner (D), Paul Lundquist (V) . Became Dear Rachel, then Truth
ROADRUNNERS: Phil Shulman (V), Derek Shulman (LG), Ray Shulman (S), 1964/5, became Simon Dupree & the Big Sound
ROD & the RESIDENTS: Brian Hare (‘Rod’ V), Pete White (LG), Ray Baker (RG), Bryan Baker (BG), Colin Brimecome (D) Early 60s, became the Furys.
ROGER ANTHONY FOUR: Alf Pink (D), Terry Bragg (BG), Bernie Morley (LG), Roger Barber (V).
ROSEMARY: Dave Allen (V), Steve Farrow (LG), Mick Legg (BG), John Lytle (K, G), Brian Grice (K), Dave Pittard (D). Late 60s.
The ROYALS: Alan Lush (V), Mike Barnett (G), Nigel Kennett (BG), Rick Seamark (D), Ray Brooks (T Sax) – Brooks possibly to Furys. Manager Robin Kay
Michael Turks guitar Alexander Buchn Watt guitar Edward Cook guitar Mick Dungay drums/vocalist, Vance Diamond, real name Claude Couderc Edward Cook rhythm guitar Alexander Watt lead guitar Michael Tunks bass
SCHEME: Alfie Pink (D), Terry Bragg (BG);(Scheme originated from Dynamos after Marc Tuddenham and vocalist Roger Barber left the band – replaced by Dave Mussell (K) and Steve Stevenson (LG) replaced by Bernie Morley (LG). Became The Roger Anthony Four. Late 60's
SHAMROCKS: Bernard Roberts (LG), Gary Cowatan (BG), David Eaglen (G), Pete Channing (D). From Isle of Wight, 1963-5. Later re-named Abundance
SHEIKS of R & B: Graham Chapman, Alan Williams, Mark Hunter, Mick Russell 1963
SHERLOCK & the SAINTS: Paul Martin (Paul Sherlock?) (V), Dave Bartlett (LG), Des Bartlett (BG), Merrick Ankers (G), John Dennis (D). Mid 60s
SHY LIMBS:John Dickenson-guitar, keyboards and vocals, Greg Lake-bass guitar, vocals and Andrew McCulloch on drums. Malcolm Brasher Bass&vocals, Alan Bowry,(vocals, keyboards, guitar),The Shy Limbs came from Bournemouth and Lake and Dickenson had previously been in "Shame".
SIMON DUPREE & the BIG SOUND: Ray Shulman (V), Derek Shulman (G), Peter O’Flaherty (BG), Eric Hine (K), Phil Shulman (S), Tony Ransley (D) replaced by Martin Smith (D) with Meddy Evils. 1966-1970, became Gentle Giant.
SMILING HARD: Kev Gilson (V/G/S), Andy Hamilton (V/S), Nick Hug (BG), Phil 'Spike' Edney? (G/K), Dave Houghton (D) replace by Phil Briggs (D), replaced by Larry Tolfrey (D), Phil Jones replaced by Andy Hamilton (V/S), Tony Gilson (BG) replaced by Nick Hug (BG). Late 60s, see also Blackout & Gold Dust. Spike Edney joined Queen and others. Andy Hamilton later with Duran Duran, and others. Kev Gilson later with Dexys Midnight Runners and others.
SONS of MAN: Ernest Yelf (V), Alan Christmas (G), Dave Yearley (BG), Rod Taylor (K/V), Pete Pinckney (G), Graham Burden (D). 1963-1968
SOUL SOCIETY: Phil Freeman (V), Stuart Ward (G), Doug Chalmers (BG) replaced by Mark Hunter (BG), John Davis (G/S), Mick Cooper (K) replaced by Rod Watts (K), Graham Parker/John Pratt/DuPret/Alan Dodds/Kenny Hill drummers at various points. Hill also trumpet.
SPEAKEASY: Dave Allen (V), Keith Shilcock (LG), Mick Legg (BG), John Lytle (K), Alan Williams (D). 1968 – from Harlem Speakeasy
ST LOUIS CHECKS: Chris West (Chris Dodoulu – V), Nick Nicholson (LG), Eric Merriwood (K) replaced by 'Ginger' Woods (K), Mark Hunter (BG) replaced by Mick McGuigan (BG), ‘Ginger’ Woods (K), Alan Williams (D), Graham Parker (D). Mid 60s
STATE PENITENTIARY: Colin Dowsett (G/V). Late 60s
The STORMS: Bernie Morley (LG), Rod Tall (RG then V) replaced (RG) by Mick Eveleigh, Alan Ordish (BG) replaced by Martin Neill (BG – also Confidentials) then replaced by Mick Eveleigh (from RG), Paul Acourt (D) replaced by Denis Powell and then again by Paul Acourt, Len Steadall (K)
STORMRIDER: Billy Storm vocals real name Bertram Parker George East rhythm guitar, Barry Roberts lead guitar Terry Bragg bass Percy Hall drums
TALISMEN: Mick Reeves (V/G) replaced by Roger Barber (V/G), Pete Pinkney (G), Alan Patterson (RG), John Bullock (BG), Alf Pink (D) replaced by Dick Ray (D), Billy Storm (Bert Parker) (V). Mid 60s
TANGERINE SLYDE: Bob Rose (V) replaced by Ken Cornish (V) replaced by Ian Walker (V) replaced by Chris West (V), Steve Farrow (LG), Mick Legg (BG) replaced by Mick McGuigan (BG), Brian Grice (K), Terry Threadingham (D) replaced by Steve Hollins/Hollands (D). 1966-68.
TECHNICOLOUR YAWN:(recalled by Gerry Elmes)
TEENBEATS: Terry Leach (V), Brian Barons (G), Pete Conlon (G), Don Ward (BG), Barry Briggs (D). Early 60s.
TEA-POTS: Dave Martin (G/V), Phil Jones (BG), Roger Waldron (D). Became Wrong Direction. Mid 60s
TENNESSEE STUDS: Mick Snowden (V), Tony Porter (G), Mike Cooper (BG) Teddy Robinson (D), Tony Smith (G) Early 60s
THIRD DIMENSION: Marc Tuddenham (G/V), Mick McGuigan (BG), Graham Hunt (D). Mid 60s
TIME DYNASTY: Phil Brown (D then V) replaced on Drums by Alan Gordon, Nigel Shannon (BG), Pete Brown (LG), Colin Simpson (G but left). Managed by John Hammond with MMF as agents. Became Hector.
TONY PORTER GROUP: Tony Porter (BG/V), Dave “Digger” Hart (LG) Dave Allaway (G/V), Les Waters (D).
TRANSIT: Ed McCarthy keyboard/vocals/rhythm guitar, Richie Martin lead guitar/vocals, Roger James bass.
TRAVELLERS:Victor Humphries (RG), Dave Young (LG), Trevor Burnop (BG), Graham Riche (D), Christopher Jeffery (V).
TRAVIS RAYMAR: Colin Middleton (V), Bob Rose (BG) then replaced Middleton as vocalist, Mick Legg replaced Rose on bass guitar, Steve Farrow (LG), Brian Grice (K), Terry Threadingham. Mid 60s, became Tangerine Slyde
TREMORS: Dereck Boniface (V), Ron Rapley (G), Chris Cody (BG), Mike Perkins (D). Early 60s
TRUTH:Paul Lundquist (V). Mark Lundquist (GV). Terry Holland (LGV). Dave Knight (BGV). Derek Quinton (D).
UNIVERSAL TRASH BAND: Brian Kemp (BG/V), Graham Chapman (G), Pete Galloway (K/V), ‘Nobby’ Glover (D), Ray King (S), Ray Holloway (S), Dave Gautrey (Tr)Mid 60s, Andy Scarisbrick (G/V) replaced Graham Chaman, Mick Cooper (O) replaced Pete Gallaway. Then became Heaven in 1968.
VIGILANTES:Mick Legg (LG), Ray Sheppard (RG), Barry Shuker (BG) and Roger Brodie (D).
VIRGIN CIRCLE: Melv Ball (G/V), Paul Ellis (BG). Late 60s
WANTED: Dave Clark (G), Mick Feat (BG), Keith Durant (D), Mick Tuck (S). Late 60s
WHISKEY RIVER: Pete Bugg (V/G), Rick Buckingham (BG), Denny Barnes (LG), Bernie Fox (D). Late 60s
WRONG DIRECTION: Dave Martin (V/G), Mick Rowe (G),Roger Waldron (D), Phil Jones (BG to Organ) then adding Rikki Cripps (BG). 1967/8
ZEO ZIGG: became Monk 1984: Late 60s


KEY: * = Stage Name, V = Vocal, G = Guitar,
BG = Bass Guitar, SB = String Bass, K = Keyboards,
D = Drums, S = Saxophone, Fl = Flute, Tr = Trumpet,
H = Harmonica

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