Portsmouth Music Scene

The Portsmouth Music Scene
The venues photographed in 2009

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The Cosham Trades Club, from street level and from the air.

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The Odd Fellows Hall in Kingston Road.

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The Unity Hall Club in Arundel Street.

ang28-9-1931.jpg ang9-2-1937.jpg

28-9-1931 -------------------------------------- 9-2-1937

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Angerstein Hall, St Mark's Church Hall corner of Stamshaw Road,
street level and from the air. The hall has been replaced with a row of houses.

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Hilsea Lide Dance Hall/Ballroom

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It was originally called the Ambassador. There was a large room above the entrance.
In the daytime, it was a cafe, at night it was a ballroom,
but the name was changed to Odeon, as the 2nd War ended.
Today it is owned by the Arnett brothers and run as Crown Bingo

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The Savoy Ballroom once stood here.
The property, now owned by Harry Redknapp, is being part demolished on the west side
and part re-organsied on the east side as new appartments on the same site


An airel shot of the Rathgar ballroom, which is the
long single storey building with the light roof and the white skylight windows.


The building that was the Rathgar ballroom, is still there, but now houses businesses.
This sign appears on the wall of the building.


The Clifton Ballroom at Kimbells in recent years was a Bunny Club and then a casino.

Embassy today Embassy today Embassy today

The Embassy today

oasis 22011

Caesars Dance Club in 1958/59, the Oasis in the 60s and 70s Gatsbys in the 80s
Top Cats and then Strings in the 90s

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