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I had been an Equity member for about nineteen years it enabled me to do some work in the TV world, on such notable British TV programmes as listed below.
TV extra work falls into the catagory of 'blink and you miss it'.
Usually I'm walking by in the background of some superstars scene!
The only exception to that was in Cat's Eyes when I actually said 'Bye' to the gorgeous Lesley Ash.

Appearances, many including;- eq2 eq10
June 83 Mansfield Pk. (B.B.C.) Filmed June 1983 BBC TV at Sally Port, Old Portsmouth near the round tower. In the far distance you see me wearing top hat decending the stone steps, a moment later I walk, with wife & child, from beneath the camera into the middle distance, raise my hat and talk to a passer by.
Jan 84 Letty. (T.V.S.)
Feb 84 The Brief. (T.V.S.)
May 84 Knockback. (B.B.C.) filmed May 1984 BBC TV at Weymouth A group of prisoners gather round as the warder walks through, I can be seen at the back of the group, moments later we are being searched I am directly behind the main character.
June 84 Don't Wait Up (B.B.C.)
June 84 Kelly Monteith Show. (B.B.C.)
Dec 84 Better Class of Person. (Thames)
July 85 The Collectors. (B.B.C.) Filmed July 1985 BBC TV at Hearn Airport I cam be seen in anorak passing behine the main action. Aug 85 Drummonds. (London Week)
eq3 eq11
Aug 85 Monocled Mutineer.(B.B.C.) with Cherrie Lungi Monacled Mutineer Filmed August 1985 BBC TV At Somerley Near Ringwood. The home of the Earl and Countess of Normanton. The mutineer meets a lady and has dinner. I can be seen through the flames chatting to a 'fair sort'. The producer told me I was seducing her. I actually said to her:- "Do you know there's only one cherry in my fruit salad"!!!.
Aug 85 Howards Way. (B.B.C.) Filmed August 1985 BBC TV Near the Royal Pier Southampton Two young men talk and walk along, I pass by at the very last moment.
Dec 85 Knights of God. (T.V.S.) Filmed December 1985 TVS at Portchester Castle I am one of the 'goodies'. The star tells me to release the prisoners, I exit stage right.
Feb 86 Bobby Davro Show. (T.V.S.) Filmed February 1986 TVS At TVS Studios (Fern Britton had a dressing room next to mine!!!(Wow) This is a take off of all the American cop shows. In the opening seconds I can be seen answering the phone and handing it to Davro. During the remaining film I am in the background questioning a vagrant.
Apr 86 Murder in the vicarage. (B.B.C)
May 86 Children of Dynmouth(B.B.C.)
Mar 86 Wilderness Road (B.B.C.) Filmed March 1986 BBC TV in St Mary's Street Southampton Program is set in the east end of London. I am the shop keeper turning away the furniture offered to me by the main artistes.
eq4 eq12 May 86 Howards Way (B.B.C.) Filmed May 1986 BBC TV In a betting shop in Shirley High Street Southampton. I am one of the punters, breifly seen.
July 86 Day at the fair (B.B.C.) Filmed July 1986 BBC TV in a house in the Close at Salisbury next to the Cathedral I hand the key to Hannah Gordon. She was unaproachable, he was fierce, I forget his name.
Aug 86 Nemisis (Miss Marples)(B.B.C.)
Aug 86 Cats Eyes (T.V.S.) with Lesley Ash and Jill Gascoine Filmed August 1986 At the Civic Centre Building, Southampton. My starring role, Lesley Ash was very nice!!! (Hmmm!).
Jul 87 Casualty (B.B.C.) Filmed July 1987 BBC TV At a night club in Bristol Dressed in a dinner jacket and bow tie, I follow the bouncer and taxi driver in the club.
Aug 87 Howards way (B.B.C.)
Aug 87 Howards Way (B.B.C.) Filmed August 1987 BBC TV On a ferry boat moured a little way off of the Isle of Wight. I am a photographer on the top deck and can also be seen far left in the long shot view of the ferry at the end.
Sept 87 Gentlemen & Players (TVS) Filmed September 1987 TVS at a hotel in Beaulieu Hants The two main artistes walk into the bar, I am seen in the background chatting and drinking.
eq13 eq5 Sept 87 Thin Air (B.B.C.)
Oct 87 Done Theivin' (T.V.S.)
Oct 87 Gentlemen & Players (T.V.S.)
Oct 87 Casualty (B.B.C.) Filmed October 1987 BBC TV At a wharehouse in Bristol. Firstly I rush through a plastic door. Later I am the anesthatist at the head of the dying child (Sob!).
Nov 87 Gentlemen & Players (T.V.S.)
Mar 88 A Guilty thing (TVS)
May 88 Indiscreet (H.T.V.)
May 88 Bust (L.W.T.)
May 88 Howard's Way (B.B.C.) Filmed May 1988 BBC At the Mermaid Yard, Bursledon. As Jack and Tom argue I, dressed as a sucurity guard carrying a roll of barbed wire hurry by. Later as Jack tries to get into the yard at night, I am the sucurity guard, carrying a torch and waving a hand.
May 88 Shake hands forever (T.V.S.)
June 88 The Gor Saga (B.B.C.) with Charles Dance
eq6 eq14 June 88 Christabel (B.B.C.) with Ann Bell
July 88 Crime Squad (B.B.C.)
Aug 88 Howards Way (B.B.C.)
Sept 88 Hannay (Thames)
Sept 88 Vote for them (B.B.C.)
Oct 88 No Crying(Ruth Rendell Mystery) (TVS)
Dec 88 The Bill (Thames)
Feb 89 Sleeping life(Ruth Rendell Mystery)(TVS)
May 89 Howards Way (B.B.C.)
May 89 King of the Wind (HTV)
May 89 Howards Way (B.B.C.)
July 89 Not a penny more (B.B.C.) with David McCullam
Aug 89 The Chain (B.B.C.)
Feb 90 Casualty (B.B.C.)
Mar 90 Best Man to die(Ruth Rendell Mystery)(TVS)
June 90 Some lie some die(Ruth Rendell Mystery)(TVS)
July 90 Unkind of Ravens(Ruth Rendell Mystery)(TVS)
July 90 Dinas (HTV)
Sept 90 Put on by cunning(Ruth Rendell Mystery)(TVS)
eq1 eq7
Nov 90 Bergerac (BBC) with Bergerac!
April 91 Trainer (BBC)
May 91 Doon to death(Ruth Rendell Mystery)(TVS)
Jan 92 Unwanted woman(Ruth Rendell Mystery)(TVS)
April 92 Speaker of Manderin(Ruth Rendell Mystery)(TVS)

May 92 Miss Marple (BBC) with Joan Hickson
May 92 Mouse in the corner(Ruth Rendell Mystery)(TVS)
June 92 Trainer (BBC)
July 92 House of Elliott BBC
Sept 92 House of Elliott BBC
Oct 92 Inspector Alleyn BBC
Oct 92 Return of the Psammead BBC
eq9 eq8 Mar 93 Casualty BBC
May 93 Casualty BBC
May 95 Casualty BBC
Sept 95 Call Red Thames TV
Oct 97 Casualty BBC
July 98 Casualty BBC
Nov 98 Casualty BBC
2003 Eastenders (at Portsea)
2004 Silent Witness
Gateway Commercial

Sadly, the work as an extra has dried up over recent years, but I still live in hope of being discovered!!!

equity equity

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